Baby proofing

Now that Lily is a toddler and no longer in her crawling or learning how to walk stage, I would like to talk about baby proofing (or the lack of) without feeling like jinxing myself.

Some of you who visit here have smaller babies and I would like you to know that the only baby proofing Will and I did was cover the electric outlets.

We both believe that children should be taught to not touch everything, and should have barriers and limits.

Both my brother and I were raised that way and the same with Will and his siblings.

Our moms never moved anything out of way, never rounded the sharp corners of tables, never locked cabinets, never put up baby gates.

When it came to baby proofing, we decided to take the old school approach we were raised with.

Children should know that tables have sharp corners and be aware of it, they should know that glass breaks, they should know that an item is mommy’s/daddy’s and they have no business touching it.

To me, there is nothing worst than a child who goes over someone’s house and touches everything because everything has always been moved out of her/his way.

Will and I also strongly dislike all the gimmick stuff the baby industry makes for parents to spend their money on.

Seriously, so much of it is unnecessary.

When comes to it, I think it’s part of parenting, and if you are not afraid of saying the word “NO” to your child, it works.

Like my mama friend Min said here, children need to hear the word “NO”, it’s good for them.

How do you feel about baby proofing?

What approach did you or will you take?

Lily’s room however is a free for all. It’s her room, she can touch whatever she wants

Sweet little Lily moments

This past week as exhausting as it was, it was also really fun.

Lily is such a fun and energetic little person these days.

When at home, she is babbling like crazy, crawling all over the place, standing up holding onto everything and trying to walk.

When out, she is not as vocal but she is still the same little explorer like she is at home.

She is quite the curious little one. 😉

Sometimes I like to just stand back and watch her.

And of course take a few shots when she is completely not aware of the camera.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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looking out the window at the library


10 month babble!

I can’t believe Lily is 10 months old today.

10 months!!!!!

She is only 2 months away from being 1!

At 10 months she now has 4 teeth on top and is getting 2 more on the bottom making it a total of 8 teeth.

She is not quite walking yet but is so close and so eager to do so.

She stands up and back down with the help of objects but not quite on her own just yet.

She eats all sorts of food. (including mine and Will’s) 😉

She sleeps all through the night. From 8pm until 7am. (YAY!!!!)

Lately she has been only taking 1 nap instead of the 2 she used to.

She is smiling more and more, but don’t think she lost her serious side all the way…..

And at home she is a little babbling fool. 🙂

HAPPY 10 MONTHS LILY!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you soooooooooooo much!

and a SHOUT OUT to…


Lily turned 9 months young on saturday. (this post is long overdue, I’ve been having problems posting)

At 9 months old, Lily is all over the place! She crawls everywhere and has us walk with her as much as she can. She can’t wait until she can do it all by herself.

Her top left tooth is finally showing through. (took long enough!)

She has grown so much since she has been here in WV.

This place has done wonders for her. 🙂

my little rock n roller…

Library fun

We continue to go to the library on mondays and it is the best thing. EVER!

It is so great seeing all the wonderful progress the little ones are making.

When we first started going, they were all babies. None of them could really do anything.

Now, they are big infants! Most of them are crawling, sitting on their own, lifting themselves up, a lot of them have teeth, they are now aware of each other.

Moms are already talking about and planning the very first birthday party. It is all happening way too fast!

so happy to be surrounded by books

with Samantha. intense infant converstation


and a SHOUT OUT to…


She is 8 months old today.

Where has time gone?

Does anyone else feel like time goes by so much faster when you are watching someone grow?

At 8 months Lily is doing all sorts of things. Crawling, teething, eating all sorts of food, trying to stand up on her own, clapping, pointing.

She is the center of our universe.

Look who’s growing into the most beautiful Lily. (tears…)

November 07 2009. hours after she made our world all the better!

December 07 2009. starting to focus


and a SHOUT OUT to…


Lily is 7 months today.

I can’t believe how fast time is going by. I want to freeze time but I know I can’t.

At 7 months, Lily has 2 bottom teeth, is crawling, wants to walk, loves the water, loves books and can now flip pages by herself, eats all sorts of organic homemade food and only breast feeds 2-3 times a day, she sleeps almost through the entire night (goes to bed at 8pm, wakes once during the night and wakes up at 7am.), she is smiling more and more every day and baby talks a lot also!

She is such an amazing baby and we can’t imagine our lives without her.

We love you Lily.


Here is Lily at the beach yesterday. Lily wears a hoodie by Old Navy.

First taste of rain

Lately every time Lily wants to step out to the balcony, she crawls over to the sliding glass door, waves her hands up and down and looks at me.

I know what this means already so I pick her up and out to the balcony we go.

Lily’s favorite thing to do once she is on the balcony is to be on a lap leaning against the railing (don’t worry, she is held tight) and look out to see what is going on in the neighborhood.

She watches the cars going by, neighbors walking their dogs, the birds flying by (loves them) and watches the leaves in the trees blow in the wind.

There we all were yesterday enjoying the late afternoon on the balcony when it started pouring! Typical weather for Miami this time of the year.

As it started pouring, Lily was leaning against the railing and little drops of rain began to lightly sprinkle her.

Just like when she showers, she reached out with her delicate little fingers to try to catch the rain and her little tongue began to reach out for the droplets of water as well.

It was the cutest thing ever watching Lily have her first taste of rain.

She loves water!

Here is Lily on the balcony yesterday catching and tasting rain. Lily wears a onesie that was a gift.

Lily watching the rain fall

Lily trying to catch some rain drops


Things we LOVE!

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that maybe her teeth are not bothering her as much or if she’s happier with the fact that she can finally move around on her own but, lately Lily is a whole different baby.

She smiles more and she’s been talking up a storm also. (Baby talk of course)

Not that we didn’t enjoy her before but, this is a whole new Lily and we LOVE it!!!!

Here are some shots of Lily from yesterday fully enjoying herself on our bed.


New territory

Lily has not been spending as much time on her play mat as she used to.

She is too busy exploring new territory.

She now crawls over to the sliding glass door to look out to the balcony, she crawls down the hallway, into the kitchen and this morning she had a great time exploring the bedroom.

Oh how wonderful to be that small where a tiny apartment can seem so BIG! 🙂

Here is Lily this morning having a wonderful time exploring new territory. Lily wears a onesie that was a gift.