Party of two

Lily had her first play date at home yesterday.

Zura needed to run some kid-free errands and I offered to take Lien for a few hours.

It was a bit challenging for Lily to share her things and her space at first, it was the first time.

Several times she said “e meu mommy” (it’s mine mommy) and I had to explain to her that we all knew the toys were hers but Lien is her friend and came to play with her so it’s nice to share.

They colored, they played in the mini kitchen, they had lunch, they read…

I think the most fun was when they both went in the crib, they snuggled, they jumped, they laughed.

It was a fun first play date. 🙂

Quiet time

Every day after Lily has lunch, at around 1pm, we have quiet time.

I put Lily in her crib, hand her some books (usually of her choice) and she hangs out in there for at least 2 hours.

She reads her books and plays with her stuffed animals and dolls.

Every once in a while (maybe once a week?) she will actually fall asleep.

On thursday she did. (and hopefully she will today also)

Happy saturday everyone. 🙂



Cribbin’ it

Yesterday after Lily had her quiet time in her crib, I got in there with her.

Yes, you read right, I got in Lily’s crib with her.

A little while ago, I had a twitter conversation with a couple of blogging mamas about this and then Will also told me that he himself had gotten in there once.

I always had the impression that the whole thing would drop to the floor if I tried to get in there but, surprisingly enough, it didn’t!

Lily and I read in there, played with her dollies, cuddled, she tortured me, it was wonderful to be in her space.

If you are a mama and you haven’t tried it, you really should.

I highly recommend it!



A napping solution

Lily is still only napping once a day.

However, she has been napping for 2.5 hours at a time as opposed to the 45-60 minutes like before. (hope I’m not jinxing myself with this)

The solution?

I nap with her.

She sleeps for 1 hour in her crib. Seriously, 1 hour on the dot. I’m stunned every time.

And then when she wakes, she and I lounge on our bed and she falls back asleep for another hour and a half.

I’m not so thrilled to have to nap every day (seriously, I’m not) but, I’m not complaining.

She wakes up so much happier when she sleeps longer. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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how she fell asleep yesterday


I think it’s time…

to Lily proof the crib!

Lily can now easily stand up and walk all around her crib. (while holding on of course)

She also really enjoys eating her crib. (like she does everything else).

I think it’s time to get some of these.

Don’t let her face fool you, daddy’s little angel is up to no good!

daddy’s little angel. Lily wears a onesie that was a gift




My sanity space keeps getting smaller and smaller by the minute. (and I’m starting to lose it! my sanity and my space!)

I think Will and I will have to move our bed into the living room, and make that our bedroom.

Just when I thought this place couldn’t get any smaller, it can!

We started sleep boot camp last week but then Lily got sick so it got cut short.

Well, it started again tonight. (as in almost an hour ago from me writing this. it’s almost 1am)

We know she is teething and that she is in pain but we also know when she is fake crying. (and just before she was fake crying.)

She took advantage of our good nature for the past week due to the fact that she was sick and was waking because she was choking on her own mucus. (couldn’t let her cry it out then!)

The problem is that our bed is 2′ away from her crib and she can just pull the crib bumper down and see that we are right there. (I mean RIGHT there!)

As far as I’m concerned, as long as she can see us right there (did I mention we are only 2′ away?), she is going to scream as loud and for as long as she can.

I can’t take it! I can’t just lie there and pretend to not hear her. (obviously Will can. he’s still sleeping as I’m out here writing.)

So now it looks like the only solution is to make the living room smaller (how much smaller can it get?) and make that our bedroom.

This is HUGE for me!

The bedroom has always (ALWAYS!) been my sanctuary.

Before I met Will, it’s where I would lounge out and relax. When I was pregnant, it’s where I would spend most of my days off. Lounging on the bed, in the a/c while watching movies. And even now with Lily, it’s where she and I lounge on the bed and spend at least one hour every afternoon rolling around, looking out the window at her favorite tree, watching the leaves blow in the wind.

I’m sad. I’m really sad to be losing my/our bedroom!!

I don’t want our bedroom to be in the living room. I don’t want (and can’t see how) our living room to be smaller.

I wish we could get a bigger place already… (patience Claudia, patience.  oh, and sanity. lots of sanity!)

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I SEE YOU!!!!!!

i still see you!

i know you can see me too…

Sleep boot camp

Friday night it was back to square one… back to sleep boot camp for Lily.

She had been so good for so long, turning towards her crib when she was sleepy and tired, sleeping 8-10 hours straight, only feeding once during the night but then, everything changed!

Lately she has been fighting her sleep. Like REALLY fighting her sleep.

She will be so tired and sleepy, basically sleeping in our arms but the moment we put her down in her crib, she will start screaming and crying.

She also started waking up earlier during the night for a feeding which was then followed by another feeding because it wasn’t wake up time yet.

Will and I couldn’t figure it out. We know she is teething and that she is going through a growing spurt (like daily!) but something had to be done.

We were both starting to be exhausted and she was starting to wake up tired and cranky instead of rested and playful.

Parenting magazine happened to have arrived in the mail on friday and in there was an article (Sweet surrender) about two moms (Sara and Stephanie) who are friends but have different views about letting baby cry it out or soothing baby to sleep.

I read the article and liked Sara’s point of view. Cry it out but with some soothing also.

I remembered that Will and I had gone through this with Lily when we decided to try to have her wake only once during the night instead of 2-3 times like she was doing.

It was tough but, it worked.

So, friday night when Lily woke up at 4:15am, both of us let her be for a while. The whole point is to not respond to her right away and let her try to fall back asleep on her own.

After 15 minutes, Lily was really screaming and crying. I went to her, checked on her and told her that she was ok. That we were right here, that it was still night time and time to go back to sleep. I gently rubbed her back and went back to bed. (the point is to not pick her up)

She wasn’t having any of it. A now MAD Lily cried and screamed even louder.

In bed (2′ away from Lily’s crib), Will and I looked at each other and tried to stay strong…

I felt horrible. As she screamed and cried, I felt like the WORST mom in the world. And the worst neighbor also. (we live in a condo building with neighbors all around)

Another 15 minutes went by and Lily was still crying and screaming. Again I went to her and tried to soothe her without picking her up and nursing her.

I went to her every 15 minutes. I went to her 4 times. Lily cried and screamed for a whole hour! (it seemed like 10!)

As I lied in bed, I kept waiting for cops to knock on our door because the neighbors must have thought that we had abandoned our baby.

At 5:15am, the last time I went to her, she finally gave in. An exhausted Lily finally fell back asleep as I gently rubbed her head.

After an hour of listening to Lily crying and screaming, I was exhausted and couldn’t go back to sleep.

I felt horrible. Was this the right approach?

As horrible as it was, it works.

It works for us anyway….

P.S.- The next morning, Lily must have known that I got the idea from Parenting magazine because I found her on the floor ripping it to pieces. HA! 😉

Lily ripping up the evil guide as far as she is concerned

Things we LOVE!

When avo Hayes and avo Joao were here, they purchased a new friend for Lily.

It is a jellycat elephant and it is now a staple in Lily’s crib. We LOVE it!

It has joined the other friends in the crib (crib toys don’t leave the crib) that help Lily enjoy nap time and wake up time.

Here is Lily yesterday as I found her when she woke from her nap and the elephant (he doesn’t have a name yet) in his new crib spot next to Violet Blabla doll (a present from our friend Rikki), the music bunny that prima Ana gave Lily and the sleep sheep. Lily wears a shirt by babyGap.

can you see those 2 little teeth?