Oh no he didn’t!

Lily got smacked in the face for the first time by an almost 3 year old boy yesterday.

Yup, you heard me right, SMACKED in the face!

We were at 3rd street park and this boy who she was playing with, just raised his hand and smacked her!


After I picked my heart up from the floor and completely restrained myself from eating him alive (and before I went Jersey on his little ass), I calmly walked over and told him to please not hit her and that “hitting is NOT nice!”.

The little boy’s grandfather also came over and not only apologized for his grandson’s actions but also made him apologize. (which he did)

Lily just stood there not knowing what to do.

Her little lip was pouting and she was trying so hard not to cry. 🙁 (her face was bright red where the boy smacked her, i wanted to cry!)

We accepted the boy’s apology but went to play somewhere else in the playground.

I told her that it is not nice to hit and nobody wants to play with someone who hits.

You know, maybe it was wrong of me to take her away from him but, we are around a lot of children and nobody ever hits anybody.

I really think that there are kids who hit and kids who don’t hit.

I removed Lily from the situation because I could totally see that boy smacking her again.

And then I could see myself smacking him right back!

Has this happened to any of you?

What did you do?

What would you have done?

don’t smack me boy, or my mama will smack you back!

The uncle Darren effect

Uncle Darren met up with us at South Point on sunday.

The minute Lily was held by uncle Darren, she fell asleep in his arms.

I’m not even exaggerating. It took less than 5 minutes for her to fall asleep!

These two….

First she would cry at the very sight of him, now she falls asleep. (I think he changed his cologne)

Uncle Darren has quite the effect in Lily.


Lily and uncle Darren

Oh Lily and uncle Darren…..

These two had quite the little love fest this past weekend.

They had a great time at the beach on saturday.

And then yesterday, Lily snuggled up next to uncle Darren on the couch and fell asleep! (and continued on snuggling once she woke up.)

She has never even done that with either Will nor I.

We are all soooooo happy that Lily no longer starts crying at the very sight of her uncle Darren.

We knew this day would come. 🙂

Lily and uncle Darren at the beach on saturday