Lily knows 4 Sofias.

Her cousin Sofia, her best friend Sofia, Sofia from across the street (not pictured) and her new friend Sofia.

All 4 of them all have curly brown hair!

Do any of you know any Sofias who don’t have curly brown hair?

If you do, please let me know because I’m convinced that EVERY Sofia has curly brown hair.

Lily with cousin Sofia

Lily with best friend Sofia

Lily with new friend Sofia

Little curl blowing in the wind

I just took these photos of Lily a little while ago and I love them so much!

She was only wearing a diaper because she went head in first into the kiddie pool (she was not happy and would not get in again).

Her hair is a bit wispy and curly because it just blew wild in the wind as it dried. She gets a little curl in the back when that happens. 🙂

She was just so happy listening to the leaves blowing in the wind.

I love her……

look at that little curl!