A Bryan Ferry kinda night

Bryan Ferry performed here on thursday night.

Unfortunately none of us got it together and got tickets but, we had a Bryan Ferry and 80’s music dance-athon at Darren’s house.

It was a super fun night!

Here are some cell pics of what I wore. (sorry no pics of us dancing. i was having too much fun 🙂 )

Linking up to Mandy for Steppin’ Out.

P.S.- Can I just also say that every time I put on a pair of ripped whatever, I am always reminded of my late grandfather who when I was 16 tried to give me money so I could go buy some pants with no holes. It’s funny how some things always stay with you…

earrings- Anthropologie (gifted by Will). top- GAP

cut-offs- Will’s old jeans. satchel- Zara. booties- F21

melasma and sunspot free skin- Rodan&Fields Reverse Regimen


Rainy day videos

It was raining pretty much all day yesterday.

Lily and I watched some of our home videos.

Last week I was so excited to show her the “country boy” video.

That was her favorite music toy while in West Virginia and instead of busting out dancing like I thought she would, she just stood there looking at the screen looking all sad like she missed West Virginia and wished she could be there.

It broke my heart!! (I actually had tears in my eyes)

However, now when I show her the video, she dances. 🙂

So, here is some “country boy” for you, some Portuguese folk singing from my brother’s birthday party and Lily feeding avo Ricardo (it was the first time she fed anyone).

“country boy”



I need this right now.

To remember how much I love Perry Farrell. To remember how I was once independent. To remember I was once a free spirit. To remember how much I used to love to dance and haven’t in a really long time.