Morning bliss

How do you start your morning?

We start our morning playing with Lily in bed.

It’s a special family moment that always seems to be the perfect way to start every morning.

After a little play time, Will takes Lily into the living room where they have some father-daughter time.

It is then that I grab my computer and catch up on emails and start my blog posts.

Shortly after, Will and Lily bring me my cup of coffee. It’s the sweetest thing!

That one hour to myself, is my one hour of morning bliss.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

notice anything missing? my coffee. it had not yet arrived.

A saturday afternoon with daddy

Saturday afternoon while I went on a little shopping outing with a friend, Lily and Will had some daughter and daddy time to themselves.

Will took Lily to the park at South Point.

A great park that was renovated a while ago where you can catch some great sunsets as well as watch the ships go by.

They had a great time!

All photos by Will (aka Lily’s dad). Not only is he a great husband and father but he is also an awesome photographer. 😉

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Things we LOVE!

We LOVE the father and daughter relationship Will and Lily have.

Really, these two kill me!

They are so much alike, they have so much fun together and it is just wonderful to see the special bond they have.

Here they are hanging out at home yesterday morning. Look at how much alike they are. In every shot, their expressions are the same!


the Will and Lily show


Father and daughter afternoon outing

After a hot morning at the beach yesterday with Claudia and Sofia, Lily and I stayed indoors for almost the rest of the day. (it is seriously getting ridiculously hot already and it’s only June)

At around 4:30pm, auntie K came over to see what us girls were doing. Both auntie K and I were starving so we decided to have a girls lunch out. So, all 3 of us (Lily, auntie K and myself) headed out the door.

It was still very hot in the sun but thankfully there was some shade at that time already.

We went to one of our favorite places on Lincoln Rd. Books & Books. It’s always good there.

Lily sat on a highchair, we ate, talked, it was wonderful to be out on a girl lunch date. Something out of the norm nowadays.

Towards the end of the lunch, Will was done with work so he came to pick up Lily so the both of them could have some father and daughter time and so I could have some Claudia and K time. (something that used to happen almost daily and I miss terribly sometimes)

When we met up at home later, Will had some great pictures of their outing.

Will took Lily to a new building on the beach, they went to the very top and explored the views all around.

I always love to see what they do together.

Father and daughter outings are usually different from mother and daughter outings. And that’s what it’s all about! 🙂

Lily wears a dress by babyGap