Car sleeper

When I was little, whenever you would put me in a car, I would fall asleep.

Actually, I still fight hard to not fall asleep whenever I’m in a car.

Something about the motion of the car, the sound, the sun warming your skin… I could fall asleep right now.

Saturday afternoon we went to Hollywood to celebrate uncle Dave’s birthday.

Both Will and I tried to make Lily nap at home because we knew it was going to be somewhat of a late night but of course she didn’t.

Instead, she fell asleep in the car.

Surprisingly enough though, I got her out of the car, carried her through the building, through the back where the party was happening, plopped her on a beach lounger and not only did she not wake up but, she slept for a whole hour.

It’s a good thing she slept because we only left at 10:30pm.


July 4th 2011

Yesterday there was no BBQ, there was a late picnic on the beach instead.

There was pasta salad, shrimp cocktail, cheese and crackers, fruit salad and beer.

There were friends, games and fire works.

There wasn’t as much red but there was lots of white and blue.

It was perfect.

Hope you all had a great July 4th also.

(Photos by me, D and Will)



New beginnings

One of my new year resolutions was to paint more. (and to dance more also)

And paint is just what I got to do on saturday.

Will took Lily over to our friends Dave and Tricia’s house and I got to paint ALL day long!! (thank you Will, Dave and Tricia! 🙂 )

It has been an inner struggle for me to give up family time on the weekends in order for me to do things like paint but, I have realized that I MUST do it.

It is good for me, it is good for my soul. 😉

Here is my new painting, FALLEN STAR. (if you would like to see more of my art, you can go here)