Design District

A DASHing evening

Last night I went to the beautiful Moore Building in the design district to go see DASH‘s Vernissage fashion show put out by its most talented senior and junior designers.

My friend Min’s daughter Lulu was without a doubt the star of the show.

Not only did the super talented and beautiful Lulu (Lucia Del Sanchez, remember that name) start the show by modeling a classmate’s dress but she also had her own collection and the finale piece.

I was blown away by the amazing talent of all the young artists. (I mean, it’s high school you guys!)

The show was breathtaking.

From the setting, to the music, to the clothes, it will probably be the closest I will ever feel to a Paris fashion show.

It was a great night and we are all so super proud of Lulu!


Fun Fair

After working ALL day inside changing everything around in our apartment so Lily can have her own room (and a lot more to do today), we finally stepped out at night.

It was Art Walk in the Design District and in Wynwood.

We had a great time in the Design District with our friends at the Fun Fair and a bit more challenging time in Wynwood.

It is so hard to maneuver a stroller in big crowds of people.

As much as we love to have Lily with us so she can see art and experience different things, we both agreed that next time we need a baby sitter. (Lily was a sport though, she hung in there until 10pm)

Here are some fun pics, hope you are all having a great weekend!


A bit Baseled out…

Last night auntie K, Lily and I (if you are wondering where Will is, he is away on business until monday 🙁 ) went to the design district and well… I think Lily was already a bit Baseled out from the night before.

We started out at uncle Oli’s Swamp Space where this year he has some fun kissing booths.

Right across the street was Rainbow City which looked like great fun however, due to N.E.R.D performing last night, the line was HUGE so we didn’t get to go in.

We walked around a bit and did some gallery hopping.

There was a mix of everything as always. Some bad art but for the most part there was some really wonderful art.

I was really blown away by Chambliss Giobbi and Jorge Santos in particular. Their work is AMAZING!!

Lily hung in there a bit (cranky at times) and then it was time to head home.

It was another great Basel night out.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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at swamp space

uncle Oli