Mamas & their babies

When I think of my early 20’s, I think of my dear friend Holly.

That’s when we met you see.

Both of our younger brothers had just started freshman year in high school, were good friends and thought that both she and I should meet.

They were right!

The moment Holly and I met, it was like we had been friends for the longest time yet, it was the most perfect timing to meet because we needed each other so.

We shared so many of the same interests, music, art, crafts, photography, food, candy, nail polish…

In my kitchen, around my kitchen table, we spent endless nights talking, and with the help of Natalie Merchant, Jewel and Bob Marley, we mended our broken hearts and formed a beautiful friendship.

Holly has been living in Vancouver for quite some time now, is married, has a successful business (Mimosa) and is the beautiful mama of two gorgeous boys.

Although I have not seen Holly for over a decade, I know that the day we meet again, it will be like no time had gone by at all.

I can’t wait for that day.

To see her and to meet those two boys whose sparkle in their eyes twinkle just as bright as their mama’s.

(Photos by Holly)


Must have of the day

Today’s “Must have of the day” is with Dexter in mind.

From what I can tell, Dexter is an artistic boy who likes all things creative, artsy and fun. Just like his mom Holly! 🙂

I saw these Slotted Building Discs made by Joel on Handmade Charlotte a great blog by the way.

Best yet is the fact that you can download the templates yourself and your little one can do it all himself. A DIY project.

And they can be stored in a small tin so they won’t take up any room. It’s a “Must”!