What are the odds?

True story.

Yesterday afternoon Lily and I went for a walk/ride around our neighborhood.

Out of nowhere, a random woman approached me and asked me if I would like a box of diapers.

Random woman: Hi would you like these? (pointing to a box of diapers inside her bag)

Me: Really?

Random woman: Yes, they were a gift from an event I just did and I don’t have any children.

Me: Ok. What size are they?

Random woman: (pulls out box of pampers and checks) Size 4.

Me: Wow! That’s Lily’s size. lol

Random woman: Here you go.

Me: Thank you!

Random woman: You are welcome (walks away)

The funny thing is that we were down to 2 diapers for Lily and Will was going to have to go all the way over to Target to buy diapers.

They are not the brand we normally use (we use Huggies Pure&Natural) but, free diapers are FREE diapers! πŸ™‚

Thanks random woman!

i don’t know… do i like these?

Fall fashion. Day 2

Ok, I’m back from trying to update my Portuguese ID card and passport.


Will be harder than I thought.

Anyway, it is such a beautiful (and warm) day here it hardly feels like fall.

I just realized after taking the pictures that I’m big time into navy and gray this fall.

Striped shirt by Zara (I love Zara!), White tank by Gapbody, Corduroy legging/pants by Anthropologie (seriously, I have to try really hard to not put these on every day, I bought them in gray and olive green. they are  awesome!!), Bag by Urban Outfitters (also functions as a diaper bag), Headband by CVS (6 colors for like $5.00. hello!), Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs (old but LOVE!), Traditional Portuguese gold earrings that were a gift from my dad, Booties by French Connection (you will seriously see these on my feet almost every day because i LOVE them!!)

Is everyone else having as much fun as me doing this?

Thanks Emeryjo!!

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Our very first GIVEAWAY!! :)

When I was contacted by Jasmine from Dakota’s Personalized Gifts about doing a product review and the chance to do our very first giveaway, I couldn’t reply “YES!” fast enough.

I quickly visited the site and tried to find an item I would like to review.

Being a photo addict, the category “Photo Gifts” caught my eye and I instantaneously knew that the Picture Perfect Personalized Tote Bag was the item I would like to review.

I emailed the picture, the caption and my choice of color for the font to Jasmine and 4 days later, my very own “Lily” Picture Perfect Personalized Tote Bag arrived in the mail.

I LOVE it! (thank you Jasmine!!)

The Picture Perfect Personalized Tote Bag is 100% cotton canvas, it’s 16″ h x 14″ w and it’s machine washable! It’s the perfect bag to take to the beach, grocery shopping and even though it doesn’t have any compartments inside, you can use it as a diaper bag.

how cute is my bag?

I actually had mine made for my mom. I love the idea of her carrying it around in Portugal so she can always have Lily with her.

You know you want one!

And now you can have a chance at winning one.

Here comes the GIVEAWAY part…

Dakota’s Personalized Gifts started 5 years ago as more of a hobby than a business. They started with the Anniversary Rose making roses for the Traditional Anniversary Gift.

It quickly grew from a hobby to a full time business. And with many customer requests later, they expanded into Personalized Anniversary Gifts.

They have many great items. Frames, photo albums, personalized baby apparel, unique baby keepsakes, gifts for her, gifts for him, gifts for the home, gifts for everyone!

Including YOU!

Dakota’s Personalized Gifts is giving you a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate with free U.S. shipping through Lil Muse Lily.

Here are the RULES (they are simple):

1- You must be a Lil Muse Lily follower (Facebook or Google Friend Connect)

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So, leave a comment and tell me who you would give the personalized gift to. Or maybe you would keep it for yourself. πŸ˜‰

A winner will be randomly chosen next monday.

Spread the word and good luck!

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Summer fashion week- day 4

Today we had to go to Target to get some diapers and house cleaning products.

At first I thought about what cute outfit I would wear to share with you on our trip there but then…. I thought about how much more fun and challenging it would be (mostly for me) if I actually went to Target and put together a whole entire outfit with their own items.

So, that’s what I did!

While Will and Lily were busy shopping and checking off items on our list, I was busy putting together this Sex and the City (Carrie Bradshaw channeled me) inspired outfit.

EVERYTHING (and I mean everything) but my undergarments are from Target. (and no, Target did not pay me for this. ;))

I didn’t exactly calculate the whole entire cost of all the items together but I think they totaled around $100.00. (+ or -)

YAY Target!!

hat and both necklaces (Target)


Dear period,

Well, you’ve come back.

Can’t say I missed you and with all honesty, I had kind of forgotten all about you.

When you showed up, you made me feel 14 again. I cried then with the first sight of you and you almost had me in tears yet again.

As if I didn’t feel like a big pad already having to wear breast shields all the time, now….well, I will have to wear yet another pad. Thanks!

Just to let you know, the cramps that come along with you aren’t exactly the most complimentary with Lily’s teething pains.

Because of you, the diaper bag will be fuller than it already is.

I guess I should be thankful that you took a 17 month hiatus but that made me not want you around even more than I did before.

Since you are back and you are going to stick around, at least please try to be consistent. Monthly consistent.

And one more thing, please (please, please, please) try to not bring too many cramps along with you because unlike before, I can’t just lie on the couch, close the curtains and watch movies.

Thank you,


After running errands, doing 4 loads of laundry and taking care of Lily, those cramps finally got the best of me. Here I am taking an afternoon nap with Lily. (photo by WRE)

A different kind of “in the know”

When entering the library yesterday morning, I was pleasantly surprised to see Cari with her niece Amanda.

I had met Cari with Amanda at the playground the previous week and had told her about library mondays.

We all had a wonderful time singing and listening to story time as usual and before leaving Cari asked for my number.

Cari: “Claudia, can I get your number? You seem to be the mom in the know”.

A quick flashback went through me.

Not too long (but yet what seems to be lifetime ago) when I worked retail, I was the one my co-workers would refer customers and hotel guests to.

Back then, I was in the know of the hottest clubs, restaurants, lounges, anything that had to do with going out on this beach on any day of the week.

How my life has changed, I quickly thought to myself.

Me: “When did that happen?”

Now I’m in the know of library mondays, afternoon pool tuesdays at Sebastian’s, meet-up beach thursdays, music classes, free museum days, diapers, cereal, strollers, bottles, blankets….anything that has to do with babies.

A big smile came across my face….thank you Lily! πŸ™‚

Lily and I on the way to the library. Lily wears a hat by Patagonia and dress by babyGap

Things we LOVE!

Our friend Kris who we met at the park with her two little cuties Taylor and Sebastian invited us to their pool yesterday afternoon.

She lives right down the street and has decided to make tuesday afternoons pool time for Sebastian and his little friends. We LOVE that idea!!

Along with Lily and I, Dylan was also there with his mommy, Barbara.

We had a wonderful time swimming and playing and are already looking forward to next tuesday.

(We were sad that our friends Claudia and Sofia weren’t there but hopefully they will make it next week along with some other mommies and their babies. :))

Dylan, Lily and Sebastian

Lily wears a swim diaper by Kushies


Must have of the day

More mornings at the beach like the one we had today with Claudia, Sofia, Zura and Lien. (Sherrie and McCoy you were missed)

All 3 girls had some diaper free bottom time, they were in the water (it was Lien’s first time, picture #2), they played (picture #4), they ate, they napped (Lien, picture #5), everyone got to get to know each other better (Zura and Lily, picture #6) and there was even time for some baby free mommy swimming time (Zura and Claudia, picture #7).

Lily wears a romper by Zutano and hat by Patagonia.