Lily and the dogs

Titus (a brown choco lab) is Will’s dog and the oldest here.

Rio (a retriever) is the second oldest.

Lola (a basset hound) is around Lily’s age.

Sophie (a brown choco lab) is the baby.

Lily gets along and loves all of the dogs, especially the girls Lola and Sophie.

Lola however is Lily’s girl.

Lily shows Lola everything she does. All throughout the day you can hear her saying “Nola ook, I swing” (Lola look, I’m swinging), “Nola ook, I jump”, “Nola ook, bouncy ball”…

I wish we had a bigger place in Miami so we could get Lily her own dog. She’s so good with them.

Lily with Rio

Lily with Lola and Sophie


My dearest Lily,

You turned 16 months old yesterday. (I want to scream!)

We just returned from Raleigh, NC and I’m not just going to say this because you are my baby but, you are such a pleasure to travel with.

Our flight was delayed almost 2 hours leaving from Miami and you just happily hung out at the airport waving at people, rolling around on the floor, eating your raisins.

You slept almost the whole flight both ways.

Once in Raleigh, you easily adjusted to the family and house that awaited us.

You slept through the night and napped as usual.

You stayed with uncle Neil, Myra and Duddie at their house while pai and I went driving around and you didn’t even cry.

It is so wonderful to know that we can basically travel and go with you anywhere.

Thank you ratinha for being such a wonderful little girl.

I love you,

your mama

P.S.- Here are some pictures of you with Phillip, your new canine friend. 🙂 (because YES, you still LOVE dogs)



My dearest Lily,

You turned 14 months old on friday.

It’s unbelievable how 2 months make a HUGE difference.

I mean, you are a completely different person from when you turned 12 months!

You are easily walking, trying to talk, you sleep well, you are super curious about how things work, you don’t throw tantrums, you eat just about everything, you just got your 7th tooth (it took long enough!), your hair has gotten so long and curly at times, you love dogs, you still love water, when we go for walks you like to wave at people, you are still serious to people you don’t know…

You are now feeding yourself. (well, we help put the food on the fork but, you do the rest 🙂 )

eating mini eggos



Lily and Samba

Ever since Lily spent time with Titus, Rio and most importantly, Lola in West Virginia, she loves dogs.

LOVES dogs!

Samba, Ricky’s dog is here visiting with him and Lily is not sure what to make of her yet. (maybe it’s Samba’s monkey face that throws her off…)

She likes petting Samba but the moment Samba turns around, Lily runs away. LOL

Samba is 10 years old but at times she still acts like a big ol’ spazz!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Lily and Samba

oh crap! here she comes again!!


Last day :(

Today is our last full day here in WV.

We will be packing up the car and driving back to Miami tomorrow afternoon.

We are sad to leave but we feel blessed to have had such an amazing two weeks here.

We will deeply miss our family, friends, the dogs and this beautiful place.

I will also really miss the every day simple routine I have had here.

Waking up with fresh air from sleeping with the windows open.

our bedroom window