BB gets time-out!

I’m not sure what my old doll BB did but, Lily put her by the door (where we put her) on time-out the other day.

Lily was playing with BB in her room, sitting on the rocking chair when all of the sudden, Lily got upset with BB, got up, took BB into the living room, sat her by the door, babbled some words to her and walked away.

BB sat there for a while until I asked Lily if BB was sorry and if it was time to take her out of time-out.

Lily then went over to BB, sat by her, then got up and I guess accepted BB’s kiss and apology.

She seriously kills me these days, everything we do to her, she does to Elmo and her dolls.

Just goes to show you, kids really are products of their parents.



A safe trip

We had a great flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Huntington.

Once we landed there was lots of snow on the ground.

It’s amazing how you can travel 2.5 hours and have a total change of weather.

We spent thursday night at aunt Maury’s house in Charleston and finally arrived to avo Hayes’s and avo Joao’s yesterday afternoon.

We are all unpacked and ready for some family fun.

We are once again surrounded by snow so it looks like it will be another white Christmas. 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!

ready for take off



Some Target firsts

We went to Target on sunday to pick up a few things we needed and grab some Christmas presents.

Will and I have been talking about getting a baby doll for Lily since she seems to be into dolls these days.

It was a bit scary looking at all the doll options Target has.

Some of them were really hard rubber.

Some make too many noises. (sorry, I’m not having any of that)

Then, on a lower shelf, I spotted mini baby dolls.


I gave Lily a choice of 2 babies. A “cute” brown baby and a “cute” white baby.

She picked the “cute” brown baby and she loves it!!

On the way home she fell asleep holding Cute.

She has also been taking naps with her. 🙂

We picked up some Hello Kitty (damn you Kitty!) sunglasses also because Lily is always trying to wear ours however, she hardly keeps her new shades on her face.

(Please vote for us. Thank you!)

Lily and Cute, her first baby doll

Lily and Cute napping (sorry for the drool, she’s teething big time!)


Things we LOVE!

Our friend Rikki who works at Wolf Creek Gallery gave us this Mini-Violet Girl Doll by BlaBla the last time we visited her at work.

BlaBla not only makes dolls, they also make rattles, backpacks, clothing, blankets, finger puppets and mobiles.

Everything is made from natural fibers of exceptional quality grown in Peru and knitted by Peruvian artisans.

It’s Lily’s first doll and we just LOVE it.

Here is Lily wearing a bodysuit by The Children’s Place with her Mini-Violet Girl Doll by BlaBla.