Crazy chicken lady

My mother… LOL.

She is a funny one.

She has this dream of wanting to live in the country, in a country house because she loves country home style.

She is however in huge denial because she is a city girl and she would be a big country mess!

Anyway, since she doesn’t live in the country, she has ceramic chickens everywhere.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? (not really…)

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Night sleep separation anxiety

When we were in West Virginia, after the 3rd day of being there, Lily got her own room.

It was August 01 2010 and she definitely did much better at night than I did.

For the ones who know me and who have been reading the blog, I know that I often get frustrated with our 1 bedroom sleeping arrangements but, that first night sleeping apart from Lily was so hard!

I thought about all the pregnant months I spent sleeping with Lily and wishing her goodnight as I rubbed my belly to sleep.

I thought about how here we were almost 9 months after her birth and it was the first time we weren’t all sleeping together.

As I lied next to Will and stared at the red light on the monitor, I tried hard to fight back an ocean of tears. (some did pour out :()

I tossed and turned. I listened for noises that weren’t there. I stared at the red light. I hardly slept.

Lily on the other hand was fine! (the whole time we were in WV, she slept from 8pm until 5-6am!)

When she woke up in the morning, I couldn’t wait to rescue her. Or better yet, rescue myself.

The second night was already much easier. (thank goodness!)

I guess that was just the beginning for a mother to learn to slowly let go….

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red light!

Lily’s dreams were safe


Things we LOVE!

Nap time.

Lily always looks so peaceful when she’s taking a nap.

It’s as if she is in full rest and having the best dreams.

It does wonders for her. She always wakes up in the best mood. 🙂

Here she is while napping yesterday. (See what I mean about looking so restful and having the best dreams?) Lily wears a onesie that was a gift.