Earth N Us

The last time we went to the Earth N Us farm, Lily was around 6 months old, and she ended up vomiting due to a reaction from a shot that she had had the previous day.

It wasn’t so much fun.

Yesterday however, it was a different story.

She fed goats, chickens, got to see a pig, chase a rooster, see ducklings and ostriches, play with her old friends and make a new one….

It was great!

Earth N Us Urban Organic Farm is owned by Ray who believes in an open door policy. Yes, anyone can just walk in!

They sell organic eggs, honey and goat milk.

It is located at 7630 NE 1st Ave in Miami.

Have a wonderful saturday everyone!

the girls, Raven, Sofia, Lien and Lily

Lily’s favorite street

Lily meet ostrich. Ostrich, meet Lily


The park after hours

Lily and I went to the park late afternoon yesterday.

We played with the sand, went on the swings, the slide, watched the ducks (Lily’s favorite).

We also caught an amazing sunset because we stayed longer than usual.

It was great seeing the park in a different light.

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look who wants to stand all by herself now!


No public park? No problem!

Before coming to Portugal, knowing how much Lily loves the park, I would day dream about sharing Beja’s public park with her.

I spent many of my days as a child there and have such wonderful memories from it.

Beja’s public park is not too long of a walk from my parents house.

Lily and I walked there the other day only to be sadly disappointed by its closed gates. 🙁

It is being renovated and has been closed for over a year. (awful!)

Once we returned home, avo Ricardo took us in the car to a great new park right outside of the city.

Even though we can’t walk there (that’s part of the fun), it’s worth the drive.

There was a playground, there were ancient olive trees, there was water, there were bridges and there were ducks!!

Lily loved the ducks! 🙂

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closed gates at the public park