Sofia turns two

Well, it’s monday again. Did this weekend fly by for you as well?

I think it’s the fact that we were so busy this weekend that made it go so fast. No down time at all.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Sofia’s second birthday party.

It was the first time in weeks that Lily was seeing all her friends because of the hand-foot-and-mouth disease.

All the little ones were excited to see each other. There was lots of hugging, hand holding, kissing, smiling and squealing going on.

There were also a couple of firsts for many of them. Virginia Key Park where the party took place had a train and a carousel where all the little ones enjoyed rides.

It was an afternoon well spent and I’m glad Lily got better just in time to make it to her bff’s birthday party.

Happy monday everyone!

 Lily hugging Sofia and Dylan

Dylan hugging Sofia

Saskia and Lily


Small changes to come

Hello everyone.

Small changes at the park are about to happen soon.

You see, Lily’s two best friends Sofia and Dylan will be starting daycare in the new year and won’t be at the park in the mornings any more.

Lily, Sofia and Dylan have been playing there since they were 4-5 months old and well, it’s starting to break my heart a little that Lily won’t have them there in the mornings to play with.

It’s hard because these days are the days that they finally really get to play together on their own. Lily is so funny with them lately. She is smiling a lot and being goofy, kissing and hugging them.

It’s really quite special what these three have. Hard to believe they will never remember it and yet for us moms it has been such a memorable almost two years.

I can’t believe they are all two years old and that times are changing so fast.

P.S.- Sorry to disappoint you with no mamas&their babies today. Check over at happy chaos!

Dylan, Valentina and Lily


This past week

This past week, Lily and I did our best to pick up where we left off and have our regular routine back by going to the park, the library, bike rides (i missed Sally like crazy!), walks on Lincoln Rd, having painting and playing sessions at home and swimming at Flamingo pool.

We are trying to spend as much time together as a family (D and K included) because Lily and I will be leaving for Portugal on monday for 1 month and Will is not coming with us this year. 🙁

A month is a long time, it’s the longest we will be apart.

Oh! And I became an aunt on wednesday!! My brother and his girlfriend in Portugal welcomed their first baby to the world.

I’m so excited to be meeting baby Dicky on tuesday. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

a family walk down Lincoln Rd

a bike ride to the library

Lily painting in her room


The cutest thing

Lily loves her Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs! book.

It’s one of those that she has had since she was a little baby and she still looks at it everyday.

It’s a good little book.

By now she knows Dinosaurs HAPPY, SAD, GOOD, BAD, BIG, TINY, COLD, HOT, she knows the colors….

On monday however, when we got to the Dinosaurs CUTE page, she pointed to the girl dinosaur and said “Fifi”.

She then pointed to the boy dinosaur and said “Dyla”.

Those are her two best friends Sofia and Dylan!!

Isn’t that the cutest thing?

You know what else is pretty cute?

Later on that day when Will and Lily were heading out the door, I said “bye Lily, I love you!” like I always do and she replied “bye mommy!, I wuv you!”

Seriously, too much. She’s killing me lately.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

“Fifi e Dyla”

After the rain

After two days of staying inside due to heavy rains (trust me, I’m not complaining), Lily was happy to find herself at the park yesterday.

She, Dylan and Sofia (no pictures of Sofia, she came later) were happy to see each other and be able to run around.

Hope you all have a great saturday.

P.S.- Let me know what you think of the picture layout I gimped out for you! 😉


Run Lily Run

I love watching Lily run.

She has this funny little run, and when she first starts running she looks very concentrated and has this face like she can’t believe she can do it.

Then a few steps into it, she gets a big smile and sometimes even lets out a squeal. 🙂

Here she is running around the library courtyard yesterday.

I wish you all a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend!