LILY! hello? ear check…

Ugh, Lily has been pretending NOT to hear lately.

I find myself calling her five times before she even turns around and the only reason she finally does is because I either:

1- scream out her name or

2- go over to her, lower myself so she can see me eye to eye

Is anybody else’s toddler doing this?

She is just not listening lately.

I have even thought about taking her to the pediatrician to have her ears checked.

Yesterday, we were having a great time painting in her room until she decided that she wanted to take the painting containers and paint elsewhere.

I told her that both had to stay in the easel.

She refused to listen to me, was being so stubborn (I shouldn’t be surprised since I was the MOST stubborn child in the world as my mom tells me), started screaming and crying.

I finally just sat her in the chair and put her on “time-out”.

She sat there for a while and was finally calm enough to reason with.

Is this what they call the terrible 2’s?

Advice always appreciated.

Here are some painting pictures before the tantrum started.



Homeopathic worked!

We took Lily to the pediatrician for a follow-up yesterday.

Her ear infection is gone! 🙂

The Herb Pharm Mullein/Garlic drops totally worked. (along with Lily’s strong immune system)

The one thing I really appreciate about Lily’s pediatrician is that she always tries the homeopathic way first.

Since Lily’s ear infection was gone, she got her 15 month old shots. (2 of them)

She didn’t even cry! (she’s so good)


15 months old stats

Lily went to the pediatrician for her 15 month check up yesterday.

She measures 31.5″ long. (75% above average)

She weighs 23 lbs. (average)

She has a bunch of teeth coming in.

With the exception of a light ear infection in her left ear, she is all good!

She was supposed to have gotten shots but will get them in 2 weeks when we go back to check on her ear.

One thing I learned, teeth don’t cause fever.

Ear infections that come with teeth, cause fever. (that explains the fever she had last week, poor baby)

We are putting garlic drops in her ear 3 times a day instead of doing antibiotics right away. (we always like to try the homeopathic approach first)

Here she is in the waiting room.

ooooooooooo, a new book!