Earth Day

Earth day

We couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day yesterday. (you will see by ALL the pics)

The Fairchild Botanical Garden was free admission and that is exactly where we spent the whole day.

Surrounded by the most beautiful nature all around.

There were food trucks, art/craft tables for kids, a Japanese wishing tree, we rolled on the grass, smelled the flowers, hugged the trees and Lily even got to drum in her very first drum circle.

Happy Earth day mother Earth!



Happy earth day!

Happy earth day everyone!

What a wonderful day today is.

Seriously, I love earth day.

A day to be extra loving and caring to our mother earth and to think about and be thankful for everything she provides us with. 🙂

Hope you all get to be outside and celebrate this day as much as you can.

Go out and smell the flowers, roll around on the grass, hug and kiss a tree.

Be green!

Much love,




Rockin’ mercury

How’s everyone doing with this mercury retrograde?

Have you been rocked by it like we have here?

I’m telling you, I have not been affected by one like I have with this one.

Emotions were flying high this past weekend.

We had all these plans for saturday and sunday but due to emotions and moods not cooperating, the only thing we did a lot of was watch Netflix Instant movies on our big screen tv. (I will share those movies on a later post)

We did however manage to go for a walk on Lincoln Rd and stumbled into Anthropologie‘s great Earth Day Event.

Anthropologie collaborated with our local Whole Foods and had a re-potting event.

They had basil, rosemary and other herb plants for you to re-pot as well as food and freshly squeezed juices.

Lily and I picked a basil plant, Lily had the world’s smallest vegan cupcake and a banana, Kale and spinach juice.

I was completely unprepared and camera free but, here is a picture of our new basil plant on our balcony along with the other goodies that were in the goody bag.



and a SHOUT OUT to…


Today being EARTH day make sure you respect and treasure our MOTHER even more than you already do! 😉


And because it is important to start from the time you are little, here is Lily in December 2009 wearing a “Love our Planet” bodysuit from babyGap and a knitted cardigan that was gift. Lily in January wearing a “Respect your Mother” bodysuit from babyGap. And Lily today on a bed of flowers surrounded by butterflies 😉 wearing a dress by Old Navy.


Lily and I went out for our regular morning walk this morning and really paid special attention to all the beautiful nature that is all around us.

Even though we do it every day, we thanked all the beautiful trees and flowers for providing us with shade and beauty.

We are going to be outside as much as we can today.

What better way to celebrate Earth?


Here is Lily this morning being thankful for all the beautiful nature that surrounds us and some more pretty flowers. Lily wears dress and hat by Old Navy.