Red = Elmo

Lily sat at her easel yesterday, handed me one of the paint containers and pointed to the brushes.

Got it, Lily.

She wanted to paint. (this makes me so happy!)

I let her choose her colors when she paints.

This time, I let her choose 3.

She chose light blue, purple and red.

Red ended up being the most used color.

She painted and painted and after she was done, she looked at me, looked at the painting, looked back at me, smiled and said “Elmo!”.

She painted Elmo.

I love her!

P.S.- After she was done, she grabbed her camera (my old one that doesn’t work anymore) and took pictures of her work. I might be creating a monster…

how cute is her ponytail?



LILY! hello? ear check…

Ugh, Lily has been pretending NOT to hear lately.

I find myself calling her five times before she even turns around and the only reason she finally does is because I either:

1- scream out her name or

2- go over to her, lower myself so she can see me eye to eye

Is anybody else’s toddler doing this?

She is just not listening lately.

I have even thought about taking her to the pediatrician to have her ears checked.

Yesterday, we were having a great time painting in her room until she decided that she wanted to take the painting containers and paint elsewhere.

I told her that both had to stay in the easel.

She refused to listen to me, was being so stubborn (I shouldn’t be surprised since I was the MOST stubborn child in the world as my mom tells me), started screaming and crying.

I finally just sat her in the chair and put her on “time-out”.

She sat there for a while and was finally calm enough to reason with.

Is this what they call the terrible 2’s?

Advice always appreciated.

Here are some painting pictures before the tantrum started.



The chalky side

We love the easel that avo Hayes and avo Joao gave Lily for her birthday.

It has two sides.

A white drawing and painting side and a black chalk side.

Since Lily seems to love chalk lately (we spend every afternoon drawing on the balcony with chalk), I flipped the easel around and she couldn’t be happier.

I even found a small chalk box inside my crafts drawer.




ARTsy wednesday

I know, today is thursday BUT, yesterday was wednesday and it truly was ARTsy wednesday here.

We were supposed to have a picnic at southpoint with 5 other mommy friends and their kiddos but because it was not picnic weather, aside from an early walk down Lincoln Rd, we mostly stayed home and played with the wonderful artsy gifts that Lily has been given.

The easel was Lily’s birthday present from avo Hayes and avo Joao.

I love it and I think Lily does too! (one of my favorite presents from my dad is my easel, it hasn’t been used in a while but I’ve had it since 1995(?) and I think of him every time I use it)

I do have to say though, thank goodness for washable paints. 🙂