An eye patch

I’m wearing an eye patch cause I want to be a pirate.

Just kidding.

I’m wearing an eye patch cause I want to exercise my left eye.

When I was around 3 years old, I woke up from an afternoon nap cross-eyed. The doctors were not sure why but assumed it was nerves related.

After 2 surgeries on my left eye and 1 on my right eye, my left eye is still a bit cross-eyed.

Being extra tired, excited and nervous all contribute to how cross-eyed it will get.

Not only am I very self conscious of this left eye of mine (hate taking pictures straight on) but, if I cover my right eye, I do not have the same strength or eye sight.

The other night while having some drinks at K’s house, I was telling her all of this and I said “I should wear an eye patch”.

Out of nowhere K pulled one out of her kitchen drawer. Cause you know, everyone has one of those just laying around…

I wore it for the rest of the night and it really helped my eye a lot.

I think I will start wearing an eye patch. (wink. with my left eye)

Joining Chelsey at The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge.

Obsessing over…. design, fashion and life style blogs

Working on…. painting. it’s been a goal of mine this year to start painting again and i’m happy to say i painted all weekend and completed a body of work

Thinking about…. the positive

Anticipating…. all that is to come this year

Listening to…. the rapture, spoon, the shins, yeah yeah yeahs, muse, the kills

Eating… anything that Will cooks up

Wishing…. it was colder out and that we lived closer to family


You see those things above Lily’s (beautiful) eyes?

They are eyebrows.


I was giving her an afternoon snack yesterday and all of the sudden I looked and there they were.

Dark blonde/light brown eyebrows.

Maybe it’s because she hasn’t been in the sun for a while but, ever since Lily was born, she has just had light fuzz.

If she is lucky, they will end up looking like Sasa’s. She has great eyebrows.

Happy saturday everyone!

eyebrows at two

Lucky blue eyed girl

Lily’s eyes are so blue lately.

When she was still in my belly, I would often fall asleep thinking about what she would look like.

I would often think of her with blue eyes.

Never in a million years did I ever think them to be as beautiful as they are.

I think she’s pretty lucky.



Through different eyes

Although I prefer to be behind the camera, it’s a nice change when it’s someone else taking the pictures.

It’s like seeing things through different eyes.

My friend Alex took these pictures of me and Lily at the beach. (he took these with my camera and took lots with his nice Nikon that I can’t wait to see!)

I love them.

Thanks Alex!


My dearest Lily,

Yesterday you took a 3 hour nap next to me on our bed.

While you slept, I couldn’t help but to stare at you still in disbelief that you are here and that you are ours.

In the same room that we sleep in now and in the same bed, I took many naps with you in my belly.

I would day dream of what  you would be like.

Well, all the day dreaming in the world, would never come close to how wonderful you REALLY are.

I love your hair.

I love your eyelashes.

I love your cheeks.

I love your nose.

I love your mouth.

I love your hands.

I love your fingers.

I love your feet.

I love your toes.

I love ALL of you.

You are the best thing in the world!

Love you,