You see those things above Lily’s (beautiful) eyes?

They are eyebrows.


I was giving her an afternoon snack yesterday and all of the sudden I looked and there they were.

Dark blonde/light brown eyebrows.

Maybe it’s because she hasn’t been in the sun for a while but, ever since Lily was born, she has just had light fuzz.

If she is lucky, they will end up looking like Sasa’s. She has great eyebrows.

Happy saturday everyone!

eyebrows at two


Let’s talk skin care shall we?

Living in Miami and being daily exposed to the sun has not been kind to my skin. (it would help if I actually took better care of my skin but, better later than never)

Getting melasma while pregnant and not having it go away has also not done great things for my face. (did any of you other mamas get it and still have it?)

Everyone has heard of Proactive right?

Well, the two genius women dermatologists behind Proactive have started a brand new and more mature skin care line called Rodan+Fields.

The line consists of wonderful products like the Reverse, Unblemish, Anti-age, Soothe, Essentials and Enhancements 2-4 step regimen.

I started using the Reverse regimen 2 weeks ago and I already see a huge improvement on my skin.

My face feels softer, brighter and some of the melasma and sun damage spots have definitely gotten lighter.

This is HUGE! I mean, to see a difference in a week and in that first week you only use the products every other day?

The line guarantees a BIG improvement after 2 months of using the product. (I will definitely keep you posted. literally)

Now, the other great thing about Rodan+Fields is that they are giving anyone the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and be their own boss. (you can read a bit about it here)

I will soon be a representative for Rodan+Fields and be part of my good friend Lore’s successful team.

If any of you are interested in either purchasing any of the products (because they really do work) or are interested in representing the line, just leave a comment on here and let me know.

I mean, who doesn’t want to put their best face forward and have the opportunity to make some money while doing it too? 😉


My dearest Lily,

I just want to tell you how much I am amazed by you constantly.


I look at you and cannot believe how much your face has changed since you were born.

And yet, even though your face has changed, your expressions have not.

They are still the same.

I often think about what you might look like when you will be 16, 18.

Then I look at you and you will just have one of your “looks” on your face and I pretty much have my answer.

I cannot wait.

I love you,

your mama

P.S.- you put this bandana on your head by yourself.