We are so happy that our friends Claudia and Sofia are back from their vacation.

They arrived on sunday and we were at the park first thing yesterday morning for some much needed play time.

I think it had been almost 2 months since Lily and Sofia played together.

We missed you Claudia and Sofia!!

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Lily hoggin’ all the toys again…


Little toy hogger

Yesterday while at the library I noticed something about Lily.

She was going up to all the other babies and taking their toys.

I know that they all do it around this age because they always want what the other has but then… I came home and was looking at pictures I took while she played.

I couldn’t believe it!

Lily is a little toy hogger!!!!

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here we go… victim #1. she doesn’t even know that girl!

look at her!! let’s do a close-up…



Lily has been loving her small blow-up beach ball.

She plays with it at the beach and the other day we took it to the park as well.

It’s the perfect size for her and she just loves practicing her throw. 😉

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Photo challenge!

Joining The Paper Mama with her weekly photo challenge.

This week’s challenge: EXCITEMENT

Now we all know that Lily is for the most part a serious girl but she does get excited every once in a while.

I have never seen such excitement in her face like the time we went swimming at Whittaker.

It was her first time and she was so excited to be there.

She wasn’t the only one, avo Joao was pretty excited too! 😉

The Paper Mama