Things we LOVE!

We finally got some family pictures printed and inside the Sassy Photo Album we got for Lily and we all LOVE it!!!

Inside the album we have pictures of family that Lily has met but hasn’t seen in a long time and of family that Lily has not yet met.

There is a picture of avo Carmo, avo Hayes, avo Joao, avo Ricardo, uncle Jud, aunt Sarah, tio Ricky, Anabela, cousin Adelaide, aunt Desiree and prima Ana!

We know there is lots more family on both sides but, there were only 8 slots. 😉

Love you all!!!

Here is Lily with her family album. Lily wears shirt and shorts by Old Navy.

Must have of the day

I am a huge fan of decorative pillows but have never seen anything like these.

I was looking through Inhabitots (like I often do) and found these Eco-friendly Family Pillows by Handmade by Studio K. They are the best!!

You choose the most similar characters to resemble your family from over 38 different options, select the pillow size and designate the placements of the family members.

How great is that? Family Pillows are a “Must”!!