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Lily’s and Sofia’s first beach trip together

Yesterday afternoon instead of going to the park to meet up with Claudia and Sofia like we always do, Claudia suggested the beach since Sofia had never been yet.

What a great idea! Lily loves the beach and hadn’t been in a couple of days.

We met at 4:30p.m. and walked to the beach together.

Once we arrived at the beach, we pulled the strollers close to the water and let the girls out.

How exciting!!! Sofia’s first time.

She loved it right away. She had the biggest smile on her cute little face when first looking at the ocean.

The water was a big success also. Both Lily and Sofia dipped their feet in. It was at a great temperature. Not too cold, not too hot. The tide was almost all the way out and there were little waves rolling in.

They played in the water, they played on the blanket with the Winkel, it was a lovely afternoon.

YAY for Sofia’s first time at the beach and we hope we can have many more beach times together. 🙂

Here are a few pictures of Lily’s and Sofia’s first beach trip together. Lily wears bodysuit by Old Navy, romper by The Children’s Place and hat by Zutano.

Things we LOVE!

We posted the Winkel as a “Must” not too long ago and since then, we have ordered it from Fat Brain Toys, Lily has been playing with it and now we LOVE it!

It is bright, light, easy for her to grab from all angles and fun to chew on.

Here is a happy Lily and her Winkel (photographed by daddy Will). 🙂 Lily wears a bodysuit by The Children’s Place and overalls that were a gift.

Must have of the day

When we went over to our friend Sara’s house, we saw she had one of these Twilight Turtles for her cutie pie son Sam. When we asked her what she thought of it, she told us how wonderful it was and how much even SHE loved it!

We are trying to have Lily fall asleep by herself in her crib so I think this Twilight Ladybug from Fat Brain Toys is a “Must”!

Not that we don’t like turtles but, since we are having an owl and other birds themed imaginary room, we think the Twilight Ladybug is a better fit. 😉