happy father’s day!

happy father’s day to my dad, Will’s dad, my brother, Will’s brother

happy father’s day to our uncles, cousins and friends who are father’s

happy father’s day to all the fathers out there

but most importantly happy father’s day to my dear husband (and awesome father) Will!!!!

we love you so


A father’s day

Yesterday started with letting Will sleep in a bit.

Since Lily helped wrap Will’s presents, she was anxious to wake him up and have him open his father’s day gifts.

We lounged around the house for a while, had coffee, and then headed over to Clarke’s for brunch. (we went there last year for father’s day also)

They offer dads a free bloody mary on father’s day. 🙂

We ate, we drank, we laughed, we took a drive to show uncle Darren “our” house, we napped…

There were plans to go to the beach after nap time but it finally rained so we stayed in and watched movies.

No complaints from this pai. 🙂

I hope all of you dads had a great day also and happy monday to you all!



Just like her daddy

Not only does Lily look mostly just like Will, she also has a lot of his characteristics.

She’s a book worm, she has a quirky sense of humor, she loves climbing things and when she finds herself around a lot of people, she goes off to the side to explore things on her own.

She does it at the library, she does it at the park, she does it at the beach.

All the other babies will be playing together and there goes Lily, off on her own to be in her own little world.

Just like her daddy. 😉

at the library


Morning bliss

How do you start your morning?

We start our morning playing with Lily in bed.

It’s a special family moment that always seems to be the perfect way to start every morning.

After a little play time, Will takes Lily into the living room where they have some father-daughter time.

It is then that I grab my computer and catch up on emails and start my blog posts.

Shortly after, Will and Lily bring me my cup of coffee. It’s the sweetest thing!

That one hour to myself, is my one hour of morning bliss.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

notice anything missing? my coffee. it had not yet arrived.

A saturday afternoon with daddy

Saturday afternoon while I went on a little shopping outing with a friend, Lily and Will had some daughter and daddy time to themselves.

Will took Lily to the park at South Point.

A great park that was renovated a while ago where you can catch some great sunsets as well as watch the ships go by.

They had a great time!

All photos by Will (aka Lily’s dad). Not only is he a great husband and father but he is also an awesome photographer. 😉

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Monday outdoors picture

I just realized yesterday was monday and I didn’t post our “Monday outdoors picture”! (I thought I was forgetting something…)

Well, I have to say that watching Lily playing at the beach with Will on father’s day was one of my favorite outdoors moment with her. And him.

Not only were we there to celebrate him for the wonderful father and husband that he is but, also to celebrate us as a family.

Here is Lily splashing in the waves. Yes, she’s the naked baby at the beach. 😉

Things we LOVE!

We LOVE the father and daughter relationship Will and Lily have.

Really, these two kill me!

They are so much alike, they have so much fun together and it is just wonderful to see the special bond they have.

Here they are hanging out at home yesterday morning. Look at how much alike they are. In every shot, their expressions are the same!


the Will and Lily show