a sandal-less summer

if i told you that i spent this summer while living here in miami without wearing sandals you probably wouldn’t believe me

but it’s true

between the gap pink oxfords above and the same in blue my feet were covered the whole summer

with the exception of my havaianas for beach trips of course

i’m aware that most of you in seasonal places can’t wait to bare your toes at the end of winter but, i’m sooooooo tired of bare toes. and feet

now if only i could start wearing my boots all year long….

(i know. we are living in the wrong place for how we want to dress)

She should have been napping…

Yesterday was the longest day.

Want to know why?

Because Lily would NOT nap!!!

I tried for an hour and a half and she fought her sleep like I have never seen her do before.

So, I gave up and told her to just sit on her play mat and play or read.

She decided to get crafty with her feet instead. 😉

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My dearest Lily,

Yesterday you took a 3 hour nap next to me on our bed.

While you slept, I couldn’t help but to stare at you still in disbelief that you are here and that you are ours.

In the same room that we sleep in now and in the same bed, I took many naps with you in my belly.

I would day dream of what  you would be like.

Well, all the day dreaming in the world, would never come close to how wonderful you REALLY are.

I love your hair.

I love your eyelashes.

I love your cheeks.

I love your nose.

I love your mouth.

I love your hands.

I love your fingers.

I love your feet.

I love your toes.

I love ALL of you.

You are the best thing in the world!

Love you,