RIP Indigo

We just got Indigo back from uncle Darren a few days ago and he passed away this morning. (sad)

I’m not good with death.

It’s definitely one of the reasons I have never been a pet owner and a big concern of mine about being a parent.

I know death is part of life but, when I thought of being a parent I always thought about how one day I will die and how unfair that would be to my child/children. I can’t help that my crazy head goes there.

Anyway, Indigo has passed away and now I’m left with trying to explain death to Lily and with bad-pet-ownership guilt.

RIP Indigo. You will be missed.

The fishermen’s grand-daughter

It shows that both of Lily’s avos are fishermen at heart because as you can see from the pictures below, she loves fish.

Hopefully her love for fish will continue and she won’t get too weirded out about what happens to the fish afterward so she can go fishing with both avos when she gets bigger.

Sorry to not have a mamas & their babies ready for you this week. We are only here in Miami for a week before we head to Portugal on monday and well, things are a bit hectic.

I also want to ask you to please head over to Happy Chaos and take time to sign the petition to bring Sumyra and Rayhana home.



And we are off!

We were supposed to leave tomorrow night but, since Will ended up having the day off today (thank you Jason) we will be hitting the road tonight.

This morning we went to the beach for a last dip in the ocean and I wish I could say it was great but 30 minutes after getting there, the water was full of fish and jelly fish.

I got lightly stung again, not fun but, at least Lily didn’t.

We did however have a great lunch with our friends Zura and Lien and fun at babyGap where I picked up some much needed 99c socks for Lily and the girls put on a show modeling the latest coats and hats.

We will be on the road until friday night and the internet in WV is not the greatest so, if you don’t see a new post on here or don’t hear from me, don’t you worry.

And now… I have to pack. See you all soon!

having fun in the water before all the sea creatures came

Lily and Lien putting on shows at babyGap

Jungle Island

When I was around 5 years old, my mom took me to the zoo in Lisboa.

That night, I had the worst nightmares!

I dreamt that all the animals had broken free and were running wild, all the snakes were slithering all over my body, the gazelles were jumping over me, the elephants and lions were running… it’s a dream that I can still visually remember.

I have kept away from zoos or anything like them since then, even when I lived in San Diego and had one of the best zoos near me.

On saturday, auntie K got us some free VIP passes to Jungle Island so, we couldn’t pass them up. (thank you K!)

Despite not being a fan of seeing animals in cages, it was wonderful to be able to show Lily animals she has only been able to see in books.

The birds were her favorites,the monkeys and the pink flamingos were my favorites. 🙂 (I finally got to see pink flamingos after being in Florida for almost 10 years!)

Happy monday everyone, hope you all have a great week!


The Keys bring out the silly in us

Before Lily came along (what seems like many moons ago), Darren, Will and I would pack up the car, bikes included and drive 4 hours south to Key West.

We would spend the whole day there, riding around, eating, drinking, swimming and feeling (and acting sometimes) like a bunch of kids on spring break.

Well, on sunday even though we didn’t go as far south as we used to, a bit of that “kid in spring break” magic came back.

It felt good to get out of the usual and share with Lily a little bit of how it used to be.

Here are pictures of our day at Robbie’s feeding the tarpon and having fun.


A few firsts

Lily had a few firsts this weekend.

Saturday afternoon, Will and I took Lily to see Winnie the Pooh, her first movie. (I will write more and post pics during the week)

Yesterday, instead of going to the beach like we normally do, I suggested we go to Isla Morada to feed the tarpon (fish).

Will, Darren and I used to go down there often but hadn’t been since Lily was born.

At Robbie’s, we fed the tarpon (Lily was amazed by the size of the fish), had lunch and then decided to go kayaking.

Because 400 pictures were taken yesterday (by me, Darren and Will), it is going to take me a while to pick and choose (and edit) so, this post is dedicated to the kayaking (and last part) of our trip.

It was Lily’s (and mine) first time kayaking and she loved it! (and I did too!)

We rented a 3 seater so Lily could sit in the middle and paddled all the way to Indian Island.

Lily willingly put on the little life vest and sat in the middle with no problem (even though there were no belts or anything), she loved stopping along the way to swim around, she enjoyed walking around and explore the island once we got there….

It was a great day filled with fun, we will definitely have to do it again soon.

Hope you all had a great weekend as well. Happy first day of august!

P.S.- I love my new hat that I had to purchase at Robbie’s because I left the house without one AND…. Lily’s Salt Water sandals rocked in the salt water!!!!




Do any of you have fish?

Something really weird happens to Indigo’s water.

I clean his bowl once a week like I was advised to by the pet shop clerk.

A couple of days after I clean it, it starts getting all murky on top.

BUT, the weird thing is that usually after 2 days of it being murky, it clears itself out and then only a collection of bubbles are left on top of the water.

Is this normal and what is it?