My dearest Lily,

Ever since pai bought you your water wings, you have gained such confidence in the water.

I am happy to tell you that you are now a floater.

Yes! You float and you do it all by yourself.

Floating is something that both pai and I have tried to make you do when in the water but ever since you were a baby, it has been something that you have hated and not been comfortable with.

I think floating and being on your back like that made you feel like you were losing control and I believe you are a bit of a control freak. (jeez, I wonder where you get that from…)

We have been spending the mornings at the beach and the afternoons at the pool and when you are in the water now, you comfortably switch from your stomach to your back.

It’s good to see you relaxed. (not fully though, don’t think I didn’t notice your clenched fist) 😉

I love you,




A swimming lesson

Lily was so ready for some arm floaties. (that’s what I call them)

Whenever she is in water, she wants to be let go but, hello… she can’t swim!

So, Will got her some floaties and we tested them out in our pool on wednesday.

She was thrilled!!!!

I had never seen her so happy. 🙂

The moment Will let her go, she was smiling and squealing and trying to talk out of pure enthusiasm.

She was kicking her feet and staying close to the side of the pool, holding onto the edge and then letting herself go, she was holding her head above water, spitting water out the right way, it was awesome!!!!

We might have an early swimmer. 😉



Fun in the pool

Before Lily came along, Will and I hardly ever used the pool in our building.

We are definitely bigger fans of the ocean however, having the pool right downstairs has been a wonderful thing. It is much easier to just grab a few things and go downstairs instead of grabbing a whole bunch of stuff and walk 30 minutes to the beach.

Lily loves the pool! She splashes around, kicks her legs , floats in her floaty, she just has the best time!

The pool area is not a large area. There is barely enough room to walk around the pool and there is not much room for chairs and some tables however, there are wonderful flowers and vines all around it. Some even end up in the pool, floating delicately in the water.

Spending time at the pool with Lily has given me the opportunity to explore all the wonderful nature treasures in our “backyard”.

Here are some shots our sunday afternoon at the pool.


First full dip in the ocean and a floaty too!

Yesterday morning Will, Lily and I were out of the house and on the way to the beach by 9a.m.. We both decided since Lily was feeling better, to go to the beach for a dip.

On the way there, we stopped by a Wings sort of store and picked up a floaty for Lily. We had both discussed that if the water wasn’t too cold, we were going to give Lily her first FULL dip in the ocean.

The beach was perfect! It was still early enough so there weren’t many people there yet (just the way I like it) and it wasn’t too hot yet either.

There were lots of little Portuguese Man O’ War out again and this time I got to get very close to them. They are so cool looking! But don’t touch them!!!

Will blew the floaty up with air and we sat it on the sand close to the water with Lily in it. She loved it!!!!

The floaty is perfect for her. She sits comfortably in it and doesn’t get too much sun while on the beach because the floaty has an umbrella. 🙂 We are going to wait for the ocean to be a bit more still to let Lily float in her floaty.

We played on the sand, Lily got to get her hands in it and have her first taste of sand. We let her get sandy enough that she needed a dip!

We took off her romper and her diaper and in she went.

Both Will and I took turns dipping her in and even though she was so tired and sleepy by that point, I think she was so glad to finally be in the ocean. She has been looking at it and playing by it for months now!

Once out of the water and wrapped in a towel, Lily fell asleep. I have never seen her fall asleep that fast.

She slept the whole walk home and a while longer while at home but when she woke up, she was a refreshed and smiling Lily. 🙂

Here we are at the beach yesterday. Lily wears a romper that was a gift from our friend Rikki and hat both by Zutano. Enjoy the photo montage!