A blissful friday morning

This morning started out with a surprising cup of espresso in a cup that I had purchased a while ago (picture 1) and love but hardly use. I usually have my coffee in the same mug but because our coffee maker broke this morning (not so blissful), Will surprised me with an alternative. Thank you!

I had plans to just kind of chill out at home and maybe do some laundry this morning since there was no library but, our cranky Lily (also not so blissful) had other plans in mind. (picture 2)

Since being outside always makes her feel better, I got us both ready and we headed out.

Am I ever so thankful to Lily for making us go out for a walk! Lincoln Rd looks so beautiful right now. There are flowers EVERYWHERE!!!!

We checked out some art (pictures 7 and 8. I like to call my self portrait Mona Claudia ;)), the water fountains (pictures 17 and 18) but our favorites were ALL (and I do mean ALL, look at all the pictures below) the amazing different kinds of orchids in all different colors that decorate the trees. If you are on Lincoln Rd, please look up and check them out, they are breathtaking!

It truly was a blissful friday morning.


Things we LOVE!

The tree at the park keeps on shedding its beautiful pink flowers and we LOVE it!!!

Every time Lily is on the swing, the wind blows the beautiful flowers around until they eventually land on the green grass.

We took these shots of Lily the other day. I like to call them Portuguese/American Beauty. Do you remember the movie American Beauty with Mena Suvari surrounded by rose petals? Well, this is the innocent version. 😉

Here is Lily surrounded by pink flowers from her favorite tree at the park. Lily wears top and shorts by Old Navy.

Outdoors tuesday

What a wonderful day yesterday was! I’m not sure if it was because it had rained most of monday but, everything seemed so much brighter.

The sky was so blue and with no clouds in sight, the grass and leaves looked greener, the flowers looked more vibrant. I guess everything was in need of water.

Lily and I spent most of our day outside.

We usually are not out and about during the early afternoon because it tends to be too hot but yesterday we went to Publix (our supermarket) and on the way back home, there was a tree with shade calling our names.

So, we sat for a while and enjoyed the view while keeping nice and cool in the shade of this great tree. We didn’t realize how great it really was until we got very close to it. It had all these wonderful colors and textures on its trunk.

Lily seemed to have enjoyed herself looking at the water, the boats and the pigeons.

Once back home, she must have been tired because she took a 2 hour nap.

Later in the afternoon we met up with our friends Claudia and Sofia at the park. We were so happy to have them back from Tampa.

And because it was so gorgeous out, even auntie K and daddy Will couldn’t resist some time at the park, so they too met us there!

It was a wonderful and happy tuesday. 🙂

Here is a photo summary of our wonderful tuesday outdoors. Lily wears top and shorts by Old Navy.


Another rainy monday

What a rainy day yesterday was!

Lily and I were out of the house by 9:15a.m. on our way to the library for some story and singing time but as we kept walking, the sky got darker and darker along with some sprinkles coming down.

I decided that it would be better to not risk going all the way there and it’s a good thing I did because it started pouring 5 minutes after we had returned home.

We did manage to stroll for a good hour and we saw some flowers that we had not seen before, some piu pius (little birds for babies in Portuguese) and some fish in the new Lincoln Rd water features (or ponds if you will).

Here are some of the flowers, piu pius and fish we saw. I really loved these first orange ones. They look like they are made out of tissue paper.


Sick Lily :(

Yesterday was a bit of a hard day. It started that way first thing in the morning when I woke up at 5:00a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep.

It was still dark out when I was already having my coffee and trying to write my posts when Lily woke up as well. It’s like she knew I wasn’t sleeping.

We played on the mat like we usually do, went on the balcony and watched the sunrise (not like we usually do), it looked like the beginning of a beautiful day.

Lily had her breakfast, oatmeal cereal with half of a banana and breast milk, like always.

Once Will woke up, he and Lily had some playtime by themselves as well.

At around 9a.m. Lily and I went out for our morning walk. Although the sun was hot already that early in the morning, it felt nice and breezy in the shade. We tried walking in the shade as much as possible.

We looked at flowers, trees, it was a lovely walk.

Half way back home Lily fell asleep. I guess she was tired from waking an hour earlier than she usually does. While I was pushing her on her stroller, I wished that I too could be taking a nap.

Once she woke up from her nap, she had some lunch. Sweet potato, her favorite.

Everything was going well until 3p.m.

I was breastfeeding Lily on the couch and both she and I were starting to take a nap when all this vomit starting coming out of Lily’s mouth.  I had never seen anything like it. She is not even one to spit up a lot.

There was vomit all over the couch, me and Lily.

I quickly got up and checked her over. She was so tired and sleepy but obviously uncomfortable and not feeling well.

I took off her clothes, cleaned her up and was resting with her on our bed when the second round of vomit came. There was now vomit on the bed, me and Lily.

I took her into the bathroom to clean her up once again when I felt her poor little body trying to throw up again. I leaned her over the sink and sure enough….more vomit. 🙁

What to do? What happened? What was making her vomit?

With Lily not feeling well, 2 loads of wash going and me freaking out a bit, Will decided to call avo Joao (he’s a doctor :)).

After speaking with avo Joao and Lily’s pediatrician, we monitored Lily to make sure she wasn’t getting dehydrated.

Once she stopped vomiting, she took a nap on my lap, ate some cereal, breast fed and went to sleep.

She slept all through the night and is back to her normal self this morning. 🙂

We are not sure what it was exactly. Maybe it’s the fat that she’s teething or it could be that she drank too much water. I hate seeing her not feel good. It makes me feel worthless.

Lily is such a good little baby girl. Throughout all her vomiting she didn’t cry once. She is soooooo good.

We are SO happy that she is feeling good again. 🙂

Here is Lily yesterday feeling good before she got sick :(. Lily wears a 2 piece and hat by Old Navy. And some more nature beauties from our walk.

Have a good weekend everybody!!!!


and a SHOUT OUT to…


Today being EARTH day make sure you respect and treasure our MOTHER even more than you already do! 😉


And because it is important to start from the time you are little, here is Lily in December 2009 wearing a “Love our Planet” bodysuit from babyGap and a knitted cardigan that was gift. Lily in January wearing a “Respect your Mother” bodysuit from babyGap. And Lily today on a bed of flowers surrounded by butterflies 😉 wearing a dress by Old Navy.


Lily and I went out for our regular morning walk this morning and really paid special attention to all the beautiful nature that is all around us.

Even though we do it every day, we thanked all the beautiful trees and flowers for providing us with shade and beauty.

We are going to be outside as much as we can today.

What better way to celebrate Earth?


Here is Lily this morning being thankful for all the beautiful nature that surrounds us and some more pretty flowers. Lily wears dress and hat by Old Navy.

Things we LOVE!

Lily and I went for another walk early this morning and stopped at a water fountain on Lincoln Rd because it had all these flowers that had fallen from the trees floating in the water.

The result? These pictures that we just LOVE!

(It also reminded us of our friend Keith who does beautiful flower in water art at Me&Ro)