Will’s famous sweet potato biscuits

i’ve been holding out on you guys

not because i don’t love you but i guess because this isn’t really a cooking blog

if anything it’s a drinking blog (haha j/k)

anyway, we always get a lot of sweet potatoes from our organic food coop (annie’s) and we didn’t know what to do with all of them (and could never manage to eat all of them) until Will found THIS recipe

Will follows the recipe however uses dark brown sugar, adds cinnamon and more butter (of course)

these sweet potato buiscuits are delicious!!!!

seriously, neighbors come from all over to eat these things

so, thank you Will and thank you Martha Stewart

and… you are welcome!

back to being good

salad- mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber, peach, tuna fish, olive oil, pepper and parmesan cheese (cause doesn’t everything taste better with parm? the answer is yes!)

this weekend i was really bad eating stuff i haven’t really eaten in a while

like bread (i gave it up a few months ago. still eat pizza though)

so this week i plan on starting to eat healthier and better again

starting with today’s salad for lunch

what do you eat when you want to be good?

really loving…

i am seriously totally bananas for these frozen bananas hand dipped in gourmet chocolate yumminess!!!!!!!!!

it is everything that i want in a snack all in one

everything!!! (i’m using a lot of exclamations. can you tell how much i’m obsessed?)

our local bodega (a block away) sells them and i seriously have to fight hard within myself to not walk over there and buy one daily

i didn’t have one yesterday

but i want one right now…..


Thanksgiving 2011

Happy friday everyone! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.

We had a chill but great one over at our dear friends Michael and Robbie’s house.

Good friends, lots of yummy food, drinks, cooler weather (in the 70’s)…

And we got home early enough for Lily to go to bed on time and for me to watch The Godfather in my pajamas on our couch.


I wish you all a lovely weekend and safe travels if you are traveling!

Lily and uncle D. these two have become quite the buddies

the first round of food on the table and Michael attempting to cut the turkey

Will to the rescue


Little chef in the kitchen

Happy monday everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend.

Let me ask you something, who cooks in your house?

In this house, Will is the master chef. Not only does he enjoy it more than I do but, he is definitely better than I am.

These days however, Will has a little helper in the kitchen with him. Lily has taken an interest in cooking and being in the kitchen with her pai.

She loves putting on the apron and reminds him to put his on if he doesn’t have it on already and, she loves putting on the dish towel over her shoulder just like Will does.

Ever since she was able to sit on the kitchen counter, Will has sat Lily there and talked to her while cooking as well as taught her about spices by letting her smell every single one of the spice jars.

Even though I am a bit blown away by Lily’s 2 year old interest in cooking, it doesn’t really surprise me and I find it to be a beautiful way for Will and Lily to spend some bonding quality time together. (and hopefully she will come out cooking better than i do)

What about you guys? Are you the chef in your kitchen and do you cook with your little one?

on 2 different nights making dinner

making pancakes and with her mickey mouse pancake (her idea)

Oh! I almost forgot…. and the winner of the feather headband giveaway is…


Congratulations Natasha! Hope you, Olivia and Marco enjoy the feather headband. Please send me your address so I can send it to you.

In my mother’s kitchen

I’m not really a breakfast person, not as soon as I wake up anyway.

But, in my mother’s kitchen, I’m a breakfast person.

Fresh goat cheese and melons from local farmers, fresh sweet bread from the local bakery… yes please!

The only thing I don’t really care for is all the chickens. But, whatever, that’s my mom’s thing.

Are you guys breakfast people? What do you like to have?

Oh! I know it’s wednesday and it’s supposed to be mamas&their babies day but, I have decided that since I am on vacation, the segment is too. I will restart it in November when we return to Miami.

In the meanwhile, please visit Happy Chaos for some mamas&their babies. 🙂

paozinhos de leite (sweet milk bread) and queijinhos frescos (fresh goat cheese)

fresh meats, cheeses and melon