Frida Kahlo

around here

you guys, nashville with one of my besties and Perry was so much fun!

i kind of wish i was doing it all over again this weekend

we have had a pretty chill week here at home

Lily has been in music camp all week from 9-4pm and has been loving it!

William and i will be going to see her perform with her band/class this afternoon and i cannot wait to see her sing

hope you all had a great week

happy weekend!

Perry was amazing because that is just who he is


morning walks and flowers are still a thing

early morning weeding sessions

and afternoon tiedye skies


i painted some new kimonos this week

cool summer mornings out here

and quiet summer afternoons in here

my sexy chef

nashville was a blast

our high school friend wrote a book and we found it in knoxville while having lunch on the way back to asheville

she and i met in seventh grade. having her around makes everything better


I’m pretty much a city girl at heart. Not a big NYC girl but, a smaller city girl.

I like to be able to walk/ride out of my house and have everything at reach. Another reason I like living in cities is because I don’t drive. I haven’t since 1994. (yes, seriously)

The country girl in me however, dreams of a house in the middle of nowhere where the only things you can hear are birds and the leaves of the trees blowing in the wind.

I must admit though that it’s not necessarily the house in the country that I dream about but, the studio next to the house in the country.

A painting studio to be exact.

I dream of great studios in the likes of Frida Kahlo’s and Gustav Klimt’s where there are so many windows and great light throughout.

You see, I miss painting. I miss being creative.

I haven’t seriously painted since before I got pregnant with Lily and I miss the 10-12 hour painting days I used to have.

I don’t consider myself a great painter by any means, but I get great satisfaction from painting. I love to start with a blank canvas and by the time I’m done, there is something there to look at.

The artist/painter in me has been dead for too long. Sounds a bit dramatic huh? Ok, the artist/painter in me has been asleep for too long and I feel the need to awaken it!

I created 1 body of work last year. Out of 365 days, I painted 1 canvas. That is not enough.

Due to the lack of space and time I have tried to be creative through photography, headbands, jewelry but, thousands of pictures do not measure up to one painting.

My painting soul is starving and I must feed it!

A mommy friend of mine who lives in a studio with her husband and daughter once told me “if you have mental space, you do not need physical space”. Those words haunt me often.

I feel like I can only get mental space if I have physical space. And physical space I do not have.

So, if there is one thing I wish 2012 brings is space. Space and time to paint.

the great Frida Kahlo in her studio

the great Gustav Klimt and his studio

my easel on the balcony