Portugal, here we come!

Well, I am almost all packed and Lily and I will be taking off to Portugal at 11pm tonight.

This past weekend we went to the beach, spent time with friends and Will and I even managed  to go out on a proper date thanks to uncle Darren who came over and babysat Lily.

Yesterday I did 5 loads of laundry, we ran errands and I must tell you that it was a bit of a challenge trying to pack because Portugal is having abnormally hot weather for October. (like almost 90 during the day still)

I wish it could just be cooler there like it’s supposed to be and I could just pack warm clothes as opposed to warm and cool clothes.

But, whatever… we are going to see family and going to meet baby Dicky!

Wish us luck, I’m a nervous flyer…

Happy monday everyone!

great beach day

brunch at front porch


This past week

This past week, Lily and I did our best to pick up where we left off and have our regular routine back by going to the park, the library, bike rides (i missed Sally like crazy!), walks on Lincoln Rd, having painting and playing sessions at home and swimming at Flamingo pool.

We are trying to spend as much time together as a family (D and K included) because Lily and I will be leaving for Portugal on monday for 1 month and Will is not coming with us this year. 🙁

A month is a long time, it’s the longest we will be apart.

Oh! And I became an aunt on wednesday!! My brother and his girlfriend in Portugal welcomed their first baby to the world.

I’m so excited to be meeting baby Dicky on tuesday. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

a family walk down Lincoln Rd

a bike ride to the library

Lily painting in her room


Friends… a photo challenge

Lily and cousin Adelaide in Carova, NC wearing matching dresses that were hand knitted by a family friend.

These little ones are 2 years apart but I’m pretty sure that this summer they became besties and created a bond they will hopefully have forever.

Joining Chelsey at The Paper Mama with this week’s photo challenge: friends.

My dearest Lily,

Yesterday was an emotionally hard day. For everyone, including you.

Your sadness did not go unnoticed.

After I packed up the house toys in the duffel bag that they came in, you quietly went back to them, unzipped the bag and by yourself played with the toys one last time as if to say good bye to every each one.

When I went to change your diaper, quiet tears came running down your face and you wanted to be held. As I tried hard to fight back my own tears (unsuccessfully might I add), I tried to comfort your sadness.

It is not easy to have to leave family behind. Especially after having been together for a while like we just were.

I know that you will terribly miss your Hayes (avo Hayes), your avo (avo Joao), your Sasa (tia Sarah), your daddy (tio Jud) and your dear Adaide (cousin Adelaide).

But know this my dearest Lily, not only will we soon be with family in Portugal but, we will soon be home and D, K and all of our other friends will soon help to fill in that void.

I love you my dear sensitive child,


all together. september 2011

around here

It’s our last week here in West Virginia, we will all be leaving early saturday morning for a week at the beach in the outer banks all together.

We have had a wonderful time here. We always do.

We got to have the very end of summer and the very beginning of fall.

I’m sorry to not have a mama&their babies segment ready for you this wednesday.

Even though I hung out with a mama&her babies, I was having so much fun that blogging was the last thing on my mind.

Instead, here are some pictures of the fun that has been had.

going for walks and picking “tiny apples” from the apple tree

smelling the flowers

smiling for the camera


A play date

We are very fortunate to have such wonderful friends here in West Virginia who have kids around Lily’s age.

Last saturday we had a play date with our friends Joanna, Ramona and Willa.

We met in Marlington where we had smoothies for breakfast at the Dirt Bean, went on a long walk, played at the park and ended up in Hillsboro at the Pretty Penny where Ramona who had started the play date quite shy, ended up not so shy and put on shows on the stage.

Lily walking Lilly


And then there was Tossa

On our last day in Barcelona, our friends Valeria and Sandro were both off work and decided to take Will and I for a drive up the Costa Brava to one of their favorite getaways, Tossa.

Tossa is a small fishing village with a castle on the water, cobble stoned streets and the bluest water I have ever seen.

I fell in love.

If any of you are ever in Barcelona, I highly suggest you rent a car and go visit Tossa, it is a hidden gem.

P.S.- Hope I don’t disappoint any of you (Debbie) but, the Mamas & their babies segment took a break this week. Hopefully it will be back next week.


Thank you!

I am so thankful for all of you wonderful readers and friends who left comforting comments filled with support regarding the “Struggling…” post.

It’s a good reminder for why I started this blog in the first place.

Motherhood is not easy, it’s by far the hardest job I have yet done.

It’s hard for working moms, it’s hard for stay at home moms… it’s hard!

I’m happy to at least have you all on the same boat.

Thank you,


Arise, a self portrait (2005-6?)