Memorial Day

How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend?

It was so wonderful to have Will hang out with us for an extra day, it felt like a mini vacation.

Yesterday afternoon we went over to a friend’s house for a little BBQ.

It was good catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in a while.

Hope you all had a great one too!



Just a regular morning at the park

Mornings at the park are effortless.

I know I have written about how much I love our park but, I really, really do.

We are a small group of mommies, nannies and kids who have been going there daily either mornings or afternoons.

We all know one another now for over a year and everyone watches out for each other’s child.

We have singing and dancing sessions, we have snack time where everyone shares what they have, all the kids play well together.

It couldn’t get any better, we are blessed.

This weekend will be filled with tia Sarah fun, she arrived last night. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy Easter!

We had the most wonderful time at Zura’s house yesterday coloring the eggs for our egg hunt today.

Lily, Lien and Sofia loved dipping the eggs in the different containers filled with colored water.

They dipped, re-dipped and re-re-dipped 4 dozens of eggs.

Once the eggs were done, they dipped shells and rocks.

We sat under the shade of a big tree in Zura’s yard, ate bagels, drank bloody maries, blew bubbles, ran around…

We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends to start such wonderful traditions like this with.

Happy Easter everyone!



No longer picture crazy

I used to be picture crazy.

Well, let me rephrase that, I used to be crazy about getting pictures printed out.

I used to be the person who would get almost every picture printed out, several copies of each picture and hand them out to friends.

I have many friends who would not have pictures if it wasn’t for me.

I have countless photo albums.

I’m not like that anymore. (haven’t been for years)

I guess I have a lot more to do now.

You probably won’t believe me when I tell you that there is not one single picture of Lily in this apartment.

What!? You might be thinking?

I take SOOOOOOOOO many, right?

Well, maybe there are a few on the fridge but from last August.

I’m so bad at getting pictures printed out that I don’t even send pictures to my parents in Portugal.

Which brings me to the whole point about this post.

My dad, is starting his own Lily albums by taking (stealing) pictures from the blog.

That’s what it’s for after all. 🙂

So here you go pai, some new pictures of Lily. (beijinhos!)



Facebook spoiler

My 20 year high school reunion is coming up in November. (Midland Park High School Graduating Class of 1991)

20 years! (yikes! I’m getting old)

Seriously, time flew.

I cannot help but feel a bit of resentment towards Facebook.

As much as I’m thankful that I’m friends with most of my class mates on Facebook (we were a small class of around 104), I feel like the mystery and the magic of high school reunions is taken away by it a bit.

I basically see all of my class mates on a daily basis now.

Some of them I interact with, some not so much but either way, I know what everyone looks like and what they are up to.

So, booooooooooooo Facebook. Booooooooooooooooo!

here i am at my high school graduation party. just your average crazy and wild 18 year old 😉

A morning with big friends

We went to Southpointe and Lily got to hang out with her big friends and pretend to be a big girl herself.

The water features were turned off 🙁 but, the regular sprinklers would go on every now and again which was just enough water for Lily to have fun with.

Lily had a great time watching and playing with Lotus and Sam and she was all about the helping hand she got from Lotus going up the stairs. 🙂

P.S.- It’s getting really HOT too soon. I’m not complaining. I’m just sayin’…