It’s complicated

Mine and Will’s relationship with Miami is….. complicated.

There are many things we love about this place. Our friends, the beach, the great community we now have around us, how easy it is to get around, the variety of culture, the art scene, our friends (did I mention friends already? we really love our friends)…

There are many things we hate about it too. How hot it is all year long (I think it’s hot 10 months out of the year), the lack of seasons (both Will and I really miss Fall), how flat the scenery is (it’s FLAT here!), how far Miami is from everything (if you drive for 5 hours, you are still in Florida and everything is still FLAT!)…

And just when we talk about moving out of state again (Raleigh, NC is still #1 choice), I have wonderful days like yesterday only to make things more complicated!

Lily and I had an amazing morning at the beach. It really couldn’t have been more amazing. (only Will there would have made it more amazing)


Back at the library

Yesterday was library monday. (soon to be library wednesday since they have changed the day)

We had not been there in a month and Lily was so happy to be there.

A lot of our friends were missing but there were lots of new friends for Lily to play with.

She was miss busy body, crawling all over the place, standing up onto chairs, easily playing with all the other kids.

She is so different from when we first started going…

taking it all in



Lately I have been feeling very overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed by how long it has been since I have seen my family.

Overwhelmed with trying to buy tickets to Portugal and when to go.

Overwhelmed by how fast Lily is growing and how big she is. (can’t believe she is almost 10 months old!)

Overwhelmed by how hot it is. (summers in Miami kill me)

Overwhelmed by how unmotivated I am lately. (I think it’s the heat, it makes me lethargic)

Overwhelmed by how long it has been since I have painted. (afraid I don’t even know how to anymore…)

Overwhelmed with trying to make a decision about moving. Do we stay in Miami or do we go somewhere else? (the heat plays a huge factor)

Overwhelmed by the loss of a friend.

Overwhelmed by the birth of another. (isn’t it ironic how that works…)

Overwhelmed by life…

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Woman up!

Yesterday was a bad day but today is a new day and a good day. That’s the way it goes, right?

Will took Lily to the park yesterday afternoon and it gave me almost 2 hours by myself.

It was just what I needed. Some “alone” time. (thank you Will!)

As I sat here feeling sorry for myself, I could hear my mom in my head.

Had she been here yesterday (she’s still alive and well thankfully, just not here), she would have told me to woman up!

So you know what?

I did!

I felt it, verbalized it, got through it and carried on!

P.S.- I want to thank my family, friends and mommy bloggers (you know who you all are) who showed some major support to the way I was feeling yesterday. Thank you!

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Here’s Lily being one of the boys with Kaiden and McCoy at the beach today.

Kaiden, Lily and McCoy


3 things

I got tagged!!!

Jess from I ROCK SO WHAT tagged me.

I need to list 3 things that I like about myself.

This was a hard challenge. It’s always easier for me to think of things I don’t like about myself. (something to change.)


1- I take great pride in being a good friend. I’m loyal, a good listener and my friends know they can always count on me.

2- Throughout the years I have become aware of certain qualities that didn’t do anything for me (such as my temper and holding grudges) and I have worked really hard at changing that and refining myself. (it’s all a growing process, there is still lots of work to be done.)

3- I’m good with languages. Maybe it’s because I like them or maybe because I have an ear for them but I’m good with them.

Thanks Jess!