grandma Hayes

Bommy & Lily

Ever since Lily was born, I have heard that she looks just like Will.

Well, it wasn’t until our visit to WV this past August that I finally figured out who Lily really looks like.

Bommy! Lily looks just like Bommy when she was little.

Bommy was Hayes’s mother, so basically she was Lily’s great grandmother.

I find it totally crazy that my child looks just like her great grandmother from her father’s side.

I mean, even Lily says that it’s her when we show her a picture of Bommy when she was little.

Take a look and you tell me, is she a mini Bommy or what?

left: Bommy. right: Lily

left & right: Lily. center: Bommy

Mamas & their babies

Hello everyone!

Yes, you read the title correctly, I actually managed to stay true to my word and brought back mamas&their babies like I told you I would last week.

Today I would like to share with you a very dear and important person in my life. My mother-in-law Hayes.

What can I say about Hayes other than I love her!

Since the first time I went to WV in 2007 when Will and I had not even been dating for 2 months, Hayes welcomed me into her home with open arms.

There is not much this mama can’t do. She is an amazing cook, baker, gardener, crafter…

She is a wonderful wife, mama, sister and friend. She is a good listener and good advice giver.

If you know Hayes, you know that to know her is to love her.

Hayes might be my mother-in-law and Lily’s avo but, she is more than that. She is my good girl friend too.

I am truly blessed to have someone like Hayes in my life. She is a true inspiration!


Lily’s 2nd birthday

Yesterday when Lily woke up, Will and I walked in her room together and sang Happy Birthday to her.

Not fully awake yet, she didn’t really know what to make of this birthday stuff we had been talking to her about for days.

Next came the cupcake with a candle, another Happy Birthday was sang and then some presents were opened.

She was so overwhelmed by all the spotlight on her that she decided to share her birthday with Elmo and therefore Elmo turned 2 yesterday as well.

When asked what she wanted to do in the morning, she chose a bike ride to Southpoint park.

She went on the swings, the slide, ran around (with Elmo of course)…

At lunch time I decided to share a birthday tradition of mine and treat her to some french toast, potatoes, eggs and orange juice at Front Porch Cafe.

Once home, we watched Pino-Q!, played in her room and the late afternoon was spent running around on Lincoln Rd in the nice breezy and cool air we have been having.

Lily had calls from WV and Portugal where birthdays were sang to her all throughout the day.

I think she had a great day and she was a very happy 2 year old.

I would also like to thank all of you who left comments on here and of course all of our friends on Facebook for all the wonderful birthday wishes for Lily. Thank you all so much!

so this is what this birthday stuff is all about?

took a little encouragement but she blew her candle like a pro



It was quite quiet around here yesterday.

Cousin Adelaide went back to Morgantown and everyone else was at work during the day.

Lily and I spent the day together doing the normal things we do daily.

It’s wonderful being here in this house on the mountain, there is no noise except for the sound of the leaves being blown by the wind, birds, crickets…

It’s a wonderful change from the garbage trucks, car alarms, sirens and so on that we get in Miami.



Wonder full

Yesterday the girls had many of firsts.

From swimming in the river (Adelaide’s first time), to roasting their own hotdogs and s’mores on an outside fire, these two little girls just kept on going all day long.

I seriously don’t know what’s better sometimes, to do something for the first time or to watch someone do something for the first time.

All of us adults had such joy watching Lily and Adelaide’s little faces as they experienced things for their first time.

By the time their little heads hit their pillows (at regular bed time), they had had a wonder full day. 🙂

a morning walk


The sweetest dress

Avo Hayes gave this sweet little babyGap dress to Lily back in May of 2010 on one of her trips down here.

Lily was 6 months old then.

She is now 20 months old and I am sad to say that this now sweet little top only has a couple more months before Lily fully grows out of it.

It was a good one, she wore it almost once every week since she got it.

I will miss seeing her in it.

May 2010

July 2011