granma Hayes

Oldies but goodies

Aside from having a wonderful library filled with all sorts of books, kids books included, this house also has awesome toys.

Hayes went into the attic the other day and found the coolest wooden toy I have ever seen!

It’s Noah, his arc and the animals.

They are all carved and painted by hand.

It’s seriously the coolest toy I have ever seen.

And then there are also the Crayon Kids.

They are 3 wooden dolls with velcro on clothes.

I used to love paper dolls when I was little but, these totally beat that.

They are awesome!

Lily is still too young to appreciate how wonderful these toys are but hopefully one day she will.

Noah’s arc


Lil pink snow bunny

Yesterday was the first time that Lily got to really play with snow. (last year doesn’t really count since she was only a little over 1 month old)

We dressed her up in the pink snowsuit that used to be cousin Adelaide’s that aunt Desiree sent. (thank you!!)

We put her $6 snow boots on, and she was good to go!

I think for the most part she thought the snow was OK.

She had a hard time walking in it and didn’t really care to venture out in it too much.

She did however love the sledding part.

She just leaned back and enjoyed the ride.

Here are some fun pictures of our lil snow bunny Lily. 🙂


A safe trip

We had a great flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Huntington.

Once we landed there was lots of snow on the ground.

It’s amazing how you can travel 2.5 hours and have a total change of weather.

We spent thursday night at aunt Maury’s house in Charleston and finally arrived to avo Hayes’s and avo Joao’s yesterday afternoon.

We are all unpacked and ready for some family fun.

We are once again surrounded by snow so it looks like it will be another white Christmas. 🙂

Hope you all have a great weekend!

ready for take off



One year ago today

One year ago today I was full on pregnant!!

Lily was 4 days late.

My mom had been in Miami visiting from Portugal for 2 weeks so she could help me and be there for the birth.

Will’s parents, Hayes and John were also in town for a week.

Everyone was anxious and the energy in the air was electric.

I decided in order to keep things light, to take my mom and Hayes on a South Beach hotel tour.

We walked for hours and hours in Miami 90 degree record heat.

Once I got home, I took a nap and felt light cramping.

That evening we all decided to take the night off.

We had all been together non stop since everyone got there.

My mom was at the apartment she rented for the month.

Will was visiting John and Hayes at their hotel.

At home I ate a bowl of cereal and walked to the corner store for some Ben&Jerry’s ice cream.

On the way home as I rubbed my belly, I talked to Lily.

I told her what a beautiful night it was out and how anxious I was to see and meet her.

At 9:30pm as I attempted to serve myself a bowl of ice cream, my water broke.

Lily was later born at 2:37am.

It was a wonderful day that led to the most wonderful, memorable and life changing evening. 🙂

P.S.- Lily will be 1 tomorrow and I’m sort of freaking out about it!

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my mom and I at the National Hotel

anxious future avos at the Delano Hotel

A sunset

I love a good sunset. (who doesn’t, right?)

And that is just what we had the other day.

A blanket, some wine, cheese, the whole family and bubbles!!!!! 🙂 (you should really click on the bubble pictures so you can really see the bubbles)

It was the perfect way to end an already perfect day.

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Grandparents in, parents out

Yesterday Will and I took Hayes’s offer to stay with Lily so both Will and I could go out and do something together.

Trust me, she didn’t have to offer twice! 😉

We left at about 6pm with Sarah and Francis to go to Elkins to have some dinner and to see some live music at the Augusta Festival.

I think that right after we left, Will had more separation anxiety than me this time.

Despite the rainy evening, we had a great time out and avo Hayes had a great time with Lily as well. Until she got cranky…

But it all worked out great and we hope to do it again before moving back to Miami.

el gran sabor, the venezualan restaurant where we ate

live music