granma Hayes

Waiting for avo Hayes and avo Joao

Avo Hayes and avo Joao arrive tomorrow and we cannot wait!!!!

We have not seen them since we left West Virginia in January and Lily is so different now that she is almost 6 months old.

Will and I have been preparing Lily for their visit by showing her their picture in her Sassy Baby Album. I’m sure that she will be her serious little self at first but hope she will warm up fast and give them lots of beijinhos!! 🙂

They are not visiting for very long so we might skip some posts on here. 😉

In the meanwhile, until they get here, we will continue doing what we usually do. Play on the mat, sing songs, read books, go for walks (even though it is getting too hot!), eat healthy food, nap, poop 😉 and play at the park with our friends Claudia and Sofia.

Here are a few pictures of Lily at the park yesterday wearing a top by Old Navy and pants by babyGap. And today playing on the mat wearing a onesie that was a gift from our lovely friend Joan. Thank you Joan!! 🙂


Things we LOVE!

We finally got some family pictures printed and inside the Sassy Photo Album we got for Lily and we all LOVE it!!!

Inside the album we have pictures of family that Lily has met but hasn’t seen in a long time and of family that Lily has not yet met.

There is a picture of avo Carmo, avo Hayes, avo Joao, avo Ricardo, uncle Jud, aunt Sarah, tio Ricky, Anabela, cousin Adelaide, aunt Desiree and prima Ana!

We know there is lots more family on both sides but, there were only 8 slots. 😉

Love you all!!!

Here is Lily with her family album. Lily wears shirt and shorts by Old Navy.

Must have of the day

Today’s “Must have of the day” is something very simple and that costs nothing.

Quality time together! It’s a “Must”! (Always) 🙂

Time together is the one thing we most cherish and the only thing that in the long run will matter.

Memories such as these will be treasured forever.

Here we are today enjoying a late afternoon at the beach. Lily wears a cardigan that was a gift from our friend Patty (thank you Patty!) and a dress by babyGap that was a gift from avo Hayes, avo Joao and aunt Sarah.

Sitting high

Lily sat on her first high chair today. 🙂

We went to our favorite pizza place (Andiamo) and didn’t bring the stroller (lazy saturday mode) so once we sat down, we decided to request a high chair for Lily and give it a try.

It was perfect! Lily sat in it the whole time and was such a good girl! She felt so good being at the table just like us adults. She even chewed on some pizza crust. 😉

Both Will and I have decided that it’s time to get that HiLo chair we saw and liked so much.

It’s been a wonderful family saturday. We are trying to spend as much time together this weekend because Will is leaving on monday for work until thursday. 🙁

Happy weekend everybody!

Here is a big girl (:( stop growing so fast!) Lily sitting on a high chair at Andiamo. Lily wears a dress by babyGap that was a gift from avo Hayes, avo Joao and aunt Sarah. Thank you!

Busy Lily

Yesterday ended up being quite the busy day!

I decided at 9:20a.m. (Lily’s usual morning nap time) to grab Lily and take her over to the Miami Beach Library for story telling time.

There we met up with our friends Sara and Sam and sat in a circle amongst lots of other boys, girls and mommies.

We heard stories and sang songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Lily was SO good! She is so happy around other kids. We will definitely have to do it again.

After story time at the Library we came home and Lily had lunch on the balcony. It was such a lovely day!

At 1p.m. we were back out to meet uncle Michael for lunch on Lincoln Rd.. Even though Lily had just had lunch, she ate some yummy sweet potato off my plate.

It was definitely nap time once lunch was over. Lily was getting quite cranky from not having her morning nap. She fell asleep as soon as we got home.

After a much needed nap and some more yummy food, we went to the park where we met up with Claudia and Sofia (Lily’s bff).

The park is one of Lily’s favorite places nowadays and with a buddy like Sofia to play with, it’s even more fun.  She has gotten quite used to the whole routine and she just loves it. She has even cried a few times as we were getting ready to leave.  (Yes, already!)

It was a busy and fun tuesday!

Here is Lily yesterday at The Miami Beach Library on the mat and with our friend Sara. And later at the park with Sofia on the swings. Lily wears pants by babyGap that were a gift from avo Hayes and aunt Sarah and top by Old Navy.

Things we LOVE!

Now that the mobile that avo Hayes and avo Joao gave Lily has been up for a while, we have had the time to really appreciate it and we  LOVE it!!

Before, every time Lily would wake from a nap, she would scream right away for either me or Will. But with the mobile over her crib, she just lies there and appreciates the beautiful and bright floating fish on the mobile.

At night, we get to appreciate it as it flickers in the moonlight.

LOVE it!

Thank you again avo Hayes and avo Joao!

Here is Lily after her nap admiring her mobile wearing a romper by babyGap.

Things we LOVE!


We LOVE and miss our families very much ALL the time.

So please….come visit!

Here are some more wonderful family moments.

Avo Carmo with Lily (Lily wears a bodysuit by The Children’s Place). 3 generations, my mom, me and Lily the day my mom left to go back to Portugal, many tears that day (Lily wears a jumpsuit that was gift from avo Hayes and aunt Sarah). Avo John with Lily in WV (Lily wears a bodysuit by Old Navy and pants by babyGap). Avo Hayes with Lily in WV (Lily wears her Lucky Finn bodysuit and knitted dress, both gifts). A quiet moment with aunt Sarah and a napping Lily in WV (Lily wears a jumpsuit by babyGap).

Distance. It makes my heart ache, not grow fonder

When I was younger, I was constantly moving and the further away from family, the better. Since I’ve gotten older however, I want to be closer to them.

My family lives in Portugal. That is in Europe next to Spain, not in South America next to Brazil. (I know most of you know this but, it is an inside joke. Ha Ha.)

We usually visit every year in May. It is a wonderful time of the year to go visit. It’s warm enough but still a bit chilly for the beach and for all the tourism. Forget about going to Europe any time between June through August.

When Will and I were in Portugal last May, we were 4 months pregnant. We surprised my parents and brother with the happy news at the airport. We had 2 wonderful weeks there like we always do and I dreamed about going back this May with a 6 month old baby. We didn’t find out it was going to be a Lily until we came back from our visit.

Well, we won’t be going this May and even though we will be going in September (just as great of a month to visit), it is breaking my heart.

By September Lily will be 10 months old. Just 2 months short of a year (tears and more tears) and it will be the first time that my dad and my brother as well as the rest of the family will be meeting Lily. (more tears) Never mind our cousin Ana who has become Lily’s #1 fan!

I don’t know why but 6 months seemed more comforting than 10 months.

It was wonderful having my mom here for a month but, Lily was only around for 2 of those weeks so it’s almost like they haven’t met yet.

Living in Miami we are far from both sides of the family. Mine that is in Portugal and Will’s that is in West Virginia. Now that we have Lily, it is so much harder to be so far away than it ever was before.

These days I long for family. I remember being a child and my most cherished memories are of being around family. I want the same for Lily. It’s important for both Will and I to raise her amongst grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

I don’t however want to discredit how lucky we are to have wonderful friends near us who are a big part of Lily’s life. From the beginning might I add. They were there minutes after Lily was born.

So, for the meanwhile I just dream about the day we will introduce Lily to my parents, their first grandchild. And maybe another month in West Virginia? Or at least a visit from West Virginia? 😉 (wiping tears)

Here are some wonderful cherished moments with family that I miss.

Will and I  in Portugal with my parents and brother in May 2009. My mom, me and Hayes with my favorite tree (Lily was born 6 days later). The day Lily was born,  me, Will, Lily and avos Carmo and Hayes. Avo Hayes and avo John with Lily at home the day she was born. (Lily wears a jumpsuit and hat by babyGap,wrapped in a whynottsewn blanket). My mom with Lily (Lily wears a bodysuit that was a gift and Old Navy pants). Lily dancing with aunt Sarah in West Virginia (Lily wears a tunic by babyGap and pants by The Children’s Place). Will, Lily, uncle Jud and cousin Adelaide (Lily wears a dress by babyGap, tights and booties by Zutano). Lily with aunt Desiree