Happy earth day!

Happy earth day everyone!

What a wonderful day today is.

Seriously, I love earth day.

A day to be extra loving and caring to our mother earth and to think about and be thankful for everything she provides us with. 🙂

Hope you all get to be outside and celebrate this day as much as you can.

Go out and smell the flowers, roll around on the grass, hug and kiss a tree.

Be green!

Much love,




A friday morning at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Yesterday morning was spent at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Lily and I had rode by on the bike the other day and I noticed that everything was in full bloom.

I got a few mommies and children together and we had a lovely morning playing on the grass, surrounded by flowers under a clear blue sky.

It was the perfect way to end the week and kick off the weekend.

yay! we are here



A picnic

Yesterday we finally had our picnic at Southpoint that got rained out last week.

It ended up being a smaller group than what was expected but just as much fun!

We put down some blankets on the grass under the shade of a big tree, there were lots of yummy things to eat, Lily, Sofia and Sam played so well together…

It was a great time! (it stared at 10am, we didn’t leave until 3pm!)

Lily, Sofia and Sam 🙂


Photo challenge!

I’ve decided to join The Paper Mama‘s photo challenge this week.

The challenge is Flower.

Looking at flowers is one of Lily’s and mine favorite things to do. She is named after one after all!

Believe it or not (for the ones who know me, I’m sure you believe it), there were soooooo many to choose from but, I must say that this one is my favorite of all times. (it’s kind of an innocent version of American Beauty)

It was taken back in May at the park we go to every afternoon and I just love everything about it.

I love her face, her expression, how blue her eyes are, the color of the flowers, the grass…. my Lily!

Lily in May 2010

Fun with aunt Sarah

We are so happy that we adultnapped aunt Sarah for the week. (we want to show her Miami better and try to convince her to move here. ;))

It is truly great that Lily gets to spend some extra time with her now that she is finally familiar and super comfortable with her aunt Sarah.

We have been to the beach, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden and of course the park! (there has also been some girl shopping time.)

We will definitely be sad to see her leave on saturday. 🙁 (time is going by so fast! i think time goes by slower in West Virginia…)

(Oh! And please click here and then click again. Thank you!)

Lily and aunt Sarah at the beach

Lily missed the taste of sand


Rocks and water are so much fun!!

Before Lily was born, Will and I would joke about not buying any toys for her (because we hate most of the toys out there) and how she would just play with sticks and stones.

Well, she has turned out to be just that kid! (for now anyway)

No matter what toy we bring for her to play outside with, she much prefers to explore nature and play with rocks, sticks, grass, dirt, bugs.

She must have been listening after all…. 😉


Family, it’s a wonderful thing

We had a wonderful weekend with the whole family together.

Something that doesn’t happen as often as we would all like.

It was wonderful seeing Lily and Adelaide play together. The two cousins had not seen each other since Christmas time and Lily was not even 2 months old then.

There was some fishing in the pond, lots of running around with the dogs, blackberry picking, rolling on the grass, and lots of good cooking by avo Hayes.

It’s wonderful to be surrounded by family and nature all around. I feel so blessed to be a part of it all.

Lily and cousin Adelaide meet again

avo Hayes and Lily


We have an artist!

Today through the South Beach Mommies Meet-up group we had ART in the Park at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

It was SOOOOOO much fun!

Almost 20 moms with their little ones showed up and for most of us, it was our little one’s first time painting.

There were blankets all spread out on the grass, paper and washable paints being shared all underneath the shade of a wonderful big tree.

Everyone had an amazing time, mommies and babies.

It was so wonderful being able to have had such an artistic experience with Lily. When I was pregnant, I would daydream about painting with Lily, and today it became real!

I think it’s the beginning of something really good. 😉

(Sorry for the picture overload but, I think in this case a picture (make that many) is worth a thousand words)

Lily and Sofia, first ones to arrive

starting on her first master piece

Lily, Sofia and Dylan

getting into the green

loving it!

getting all in it


Monday outdoors picture

I almost forgot it’s monday. OOOOOOOOOPS!

Here is Lily at the park being a little explorer.

While the rest of us were on the grass hanging out, Lily was on the sand by the swings watching the big kids run around and exploring things all by herself.

How much does she look like a little Will?

Lily wears a shirt by Zutano, pants by babyGap and shoes by Old Navy