Doing some holiday shopping and need some new ideas?

Here are some new sites I found through Parenting magazine.

They have super cute stuff like this (how cute are they?), this, this (awesome!), this (genius), this, and last but not least, this (shwe shwe!).

Lots of bright colors on here like this, this, this, and this.

What a great site this is with new items inspired by vintage. Like this, this, this (how pretty), this, this (how perfect!), this (oh my goodness! are you kidding me? I think Lily needs one), this (so awesome!), this (have you ever?), AND this!

It’s overwhelming because they seriously have pretty much everything! Like this, this, this, this, this (lol, it’s time for Lily to start helping out around here), this.

Happy shopping! 😉