remember combs?

not what you use to comb your hair with but the hair accessory?

you know…. your grandmother and greatgrandmother wore them

and possibly even your mother in the 80’s

i know mine did

i’m so over my hair but yet don’t want to necessarily cut it but can’t stand it and am tired of wearing head scarves around my head

so i picked up some combs at cvs the other day

and i’ve been rocking them lately

hair mission accomplished

for now

hope you are all having a great long weekend

how Lily does her hair

when Lily does not have her hair “done” she likes her hair a certain way

and that is a shake, sweep one hand through one side, the other hand through the other kind of way

if either Will or i try to mess with her by tucking her hair behind her ear or whatever, she will just shake and sweep, sweep


more is not less

Lily’s favorite part of getting dressed these days is at the end when she gets to pick out her hair clips

not 1. not 2. but more like anywhere between 8 and 12

if i wasn’t a mom, i would probably look at some mom in a weird way if she was walking with her daughter with her head filled with hair clips

but now i get it

at least she picks out the most color coordinated ones to best suit her outfit