more is not less

Lily’s favorite part of getting dressed these days is at the end when she gets to pick out her hair clips

not 1. not 2. but more like anywhere between 8 and 12

if i wasn’t a mom, i would probably look at some mom in a weird way if she was walking with her daughter with her head filled with hair clips

but now i get it

at least she picks out the most color coordinated ones to best suit her outfit

Salt Water style

One thing I have learned about living here in Miami is that when it comes to shoes, Lily really doesn’t need more than 2 pairs at a time.

I overbought shoes in the first year (because I’m a bit of a shoe freak) but, I learned my lesson.

As many wonderful kids shoes as there are out there, there is no need to spend money where money shouldn’t be spent.

So, this Spring/Summer season, Lily has 2 pairs of sandals.

If you have been coming here for Small Style, you know that they are the green Salt Waters (the green was on sale for a great price and it just so happens to go with EVERYTHING!) and the brown and fuschia Soft Star Shoes.

And you know what?

When those get small, I will just get her the same brands in a different color or style because they are wonderful!

Lily rocked her green Salt Waters all week long! 🙂

Morgan at Mama loves Papa is the hostess to Small Style, go on over and link up!


A week in small style

Do you ever feel like dressing your little one rather than yourself?

I think this past week was like that for me.

I have been feeling tired and like I look horrible.

AND… kids clothes for the most part are often so much less expensive than adult clothes that it’s just easier to get Lily dressed than myself.

Here is a week of Lily’s small style.

What do you think?

Do you have a favorite?

And as always I’m linking this to Mama loves Papa.



Holiday season is here and what better way to start it off but with a giveaway!!

This giveaway is extra sweet to me because it’s with my dear old friend Julia.

Julia has a children’s line called Escher&Co.

She makes super cute hairclips, cuffs, skirts and aprons. (you should really go check out her craftiness)

As a special holiday treat, Julia is donating one of her awesome cuffs. (aren’t you all lucky?)

Now, there are some rules to enter the giveaway.

Rule 1- You MUST be a “follower”

Rule 2- Please leave a comment on this post

Rule 3- Please VOTE for us

Lily will draw a winner on friday.

Good luck and happy monday!! 🙂