Oh these beautiful little faces…

These little faces that surround Lily and I on a daily basis are some of the most beautiful faces I have seen.

Seriously, all these kids are so happy and they all play so well together.

They have been part of each others lives for practically 1 year now.

They have all grown so much…

We are truly blessed to live in such a place where the playground is the most heavenly spot.

I captured a few of these beautiful faces the other day.

Happy friday everyone, hope your weekend is filled with happy faces. 🙂


Nap happy videos

You all know by now that Lily is pretty much the serious type. (for the most part)

Yes, she does smile more and more as time goes by but when she is out, she is still holding up her serious face to most people.

What you don’t know is that at home, she is a goofball.

She laughs at the silliest things. (she has a funny sense of humor)

Yesterday, after I got her from her nap, I jumped on the bed and pretended to hurt myself, she laughed. (thanks Lily)

Of course I repeated that same action in order to get the same reaction (over and over again) and got some giggles on video. 🙂

(Please do ignore my own silliness!!!)

12 month check-up

Lily had her 12 month check-up yesterday.

She is now 30″ long (75 percentile) and 21.7lbs (65 percentile).

Dr. Salinas was happy with her weight. I guess she was expecting it to have dropped since Lily started walking.

I was happy that she was happy since I’ve been feeling like Lily has just basically gotten a lot longer and skinnier. (she seems all legs these days)

She also got her MMR shot (please no crap about shots, again, it’s a personal decision) and had her TB skin test.

She continues to be SO good at her visits.

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oh! and we also had a successful urine test. finally!


Lily’s first airplane ride

Our plane ride from Miami to Portugal was… LONG!

8.5 hours from Miami to Madrid.

What was supposed to be a 4 hour lay over in Madrid turned into 5 hours.

1 hour from Madrid to Lisboa.

14 hours! Ugh.

Lily was really good though.

She had a hard time falling asleep and tossed and turned while she was sleeping but did sleep through more than half the long flight.

The lay over in Madrid was a little tough.

I was carrying Lily (big mistake, next time I will bring a stroller) and after the long flight and having to go through the entire airport to get to customs and then to our connecting gate, my arm was killing me!!

Once we got to chill at our gate, we caught a beautiful sunrise and Lily was so happy to be able to just stretch out and walk around.

She was so exhausted that she fell asleep before we even got onto our connecting flight.

She wouldn’t even wake up to get off the plane.

I had her “indie” outfit in my carry-on bag but because we were both so exhausted, I never changed her.

Either way, both avo Carmo and avo Ricardo were there waiting for us as well as Lily’s biggest fan, prima Ana and Nuno.

It was a happy welcome committee. 🙂

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this was my seat when I got on the plane. don’t worry, they brought me a cushion 😉


A napping solution

Lily is still only napping once a day.

However, she has been napping for 2.5 hours at a time as opposed to the 45-60 minutes like before. (hope I’m not jinxing myself with this)

The solution?

I nap with her.

She sleeps for 1 hour in her crib. Seriously, 1 hour on the dot. I’m stunned every time.

And then when she wakes, she and I lounge on our bed and she falls back asleep for another hour and a half.

I’m not so thrilled to have to nap every day (seriously, I’m not) but, I’m not complaining.

She wakes up so much happier when she sleeps longer. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!

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how she fell asleep yesterday


Sugar and spice

Oh, Lily and Sofia…

These two will soon be 1 year old and every time I look at them, I just want to cry. (of happiness of course)

Sofia is sugar and Lily is spice. (surprise!)

They have been playing together since they met at the park back in April. (for some reason that seems like ages ago)

The way they interact may not always be sweet (on Lily’s part) but, I know they love each other.

Here they are yesterday having a moment.

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We are so happy that our friends Claudia and Sofia are back from their vacation.

They arrived on sunday and we were at the park first thing yesterday morning for some much needed play time.

I think it had been almost 2 months since Lily and Sofia played together.

We missed you Claudia and Sofia!!

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Lily hoggin’ all the toys again…