Early beach morning

This morning after Lily had her cereal, I decided to head off to the beach. It was 8:30a.m. when we left the house and our feet were on the sand by 9a.m.

It was a bit cloudy this morning which was perfect. Not too sunny, not too hot.

Our walk down Lincoln Rd was just lovely. Nice and quiet. The only noise was of birds chirping.

Once we reached the beach, I was so glad that we had taken off early and that we were there. There was hardly anyone around.

The tide was out and the ocean was perfectly still reminding me of this time last year when I was pregnant with Lily.

Darren, Will and I would meet up on Lincoln Rd on our bikes around 7:30a.m., ride to the beach and then Darren and I would go for a power walk along the water while Will would do some Thai Chi. We would then do some swimming around before heading back home and then off to work.

I can’t believe that I now have Lily here and I can do the same with her. 🙂

Lily and I played in the water for some time (she loves it), we sat on the sand and looked around for pretty shells.

Afterward, it was time to come back home, shower, eat and of course after all that….take a nap!

What a perfect way to start the day!

Here we are just this morning at the beach. Lily wears a hat by Patagonia that was a gift from avo Hayes and avo Joao and a romper by babyGap.


Must have of the day

With the heat already here and the summer around the corner, there are a few daily “Musts” we can’t leave the house without!

Sunblock. We use Banana Boat Tear Free SPF 50. Not like we have tried any others but this seems to work really well. It lasts, and it definitely is tear free since I have accidentally gotten it in Lily’s eye while applying it.

Sun hat. Lily has 2 that she uses. One from Old Navy and the other from Zutano. The one from Zutano has a bigger brim so it has better sun protection. We use that one more now. ( I had read in a review that the Zutano hats ran a little small so I ordered 6-12mths for Lily a while ago. I’m glad I did. She is going to be 6mths in 3 days and we will probably have to get her a bigger size soon.)

Swim Diaper. I looked at plenty of bathing suits for Lily but, there is nothing cuter than a naked baby at the beach so she doesn’t own one. We did get her a Kushies Swim Diaper and it is great! Kushies offer swim diapers in many different colors and cute prints. And they are washable! 🙂

Here is Lily wearing both her Kushies and her Zutano hat at the beach.

Lily’s first bus trip!

Going to the library for singing and story reading time is becoming one of our fun morning things to do. Specially since Claudia and Sofia join us.

Yesterday we all walked to the library. It’s about 1 mile there and 1 mile back home.

It was ok going there but on the way back, we were all overheated!! (It is getting too hot too early.)

So today, we all took the bus there!

It was Lily’s and Sofia’s first time on a bus. 🙂

It worked out great. Lily and I walked over to Sofia’s house and we all walked to the bus stop together which is right around the corner from Sofia’s.

It only costs $.25 each way and it gets us there and back in 15 minutes each way.

We will be taking the bus to the library from now on. 😉

Here are some pictures from our trip to the library today. Lily wears hat and top by Old Navy.

Wonderfully different Mays

Yesterday while we were at the beach enjoying a lovely sunday afternoon, I looked at Lily and couldn’t believe how big she is already and that she will be 6 months old in a few days.

I started thinking about May 2009. What were Will and I doing then?

We were pregnant then. We were just about 3 months along and loving every minute of it!

At this time in May 2009, we didn’t yet know that it was a Lily in the belly but we sure wished for one! Will and I would spend hours and hours daydreaming out loud about what this baby would be like.

We were set on Lily for a girl name but, we would spend hours coming up with boy names. It’s a good thing it ended up being a Lily since we came up with some scary boy names. lol

Then as I sat there on the sand, I started thinking about May 2008. What were we up to then?

In May 2008, it hadn’t even been a year since we had been together and we were in Barcelona on the way to Portugal so my family could meet Will.

A smile came over my face at how totally different the last 3 Mays have been in our lives but how wonderful also.

Can’t wait to see where we are next May! 🙂

Here we are in Barcelona in May 2008. And here in Miami in May 2009 and May 2010. Lily wears hat by Zutano.

Even better the second time around!

Yesterday even though it was windy, we had a wonderful time at the beach with Will, uncle Darren and our new friend Chloe.

Because the day before was such a success with Lily, we really let her loose and explore the beach pretty much on her own.

She played on the sand and on the water all by herself. 🙂 She was sitting and splashing, on her belly grabbing the sand, she was having the time of her life!

I’m sure it felt wonderful to be diaper free as well! 😉

And after all that playing on the sand, she went for another full dip in the ocean. Refreshing!

Here we all are yesterday enjoying a wonderful sunday at the beach and a very happy Lily. Lily wears a hat by Zutano.


First full dip in the ocean and a floaty too!

Yesterday morning Will, Lily and I were out of the house and on the way to the beach by 9a.m.. We both decided since Lily was feeling better, to go to the beach for a dip.

On the way there, we stopped by a Wings sort of store and picked up a floaty for Lily. We had both discussed that if the water wasn’t too cold, we were going to give Lily her first FULL dip in the ocean.

The beach was perfect! It was still early enough so there weren’t many people there yet (just the way I like it) and it wasn’t too hot yet either.

There were lots of little Portuguese Man O’ War out again and this time I got to get very close to them. They are so cool looking! But don’t touch them!!!

Will blew the floaty up with air and we sat it on the sand close to the water with Lily in it. She loved it!!!!

The floaty is perfect for her. She sits comfortably in it and doesn’t get too much sun while on the beach because the floaty has an umbrella. 🙂 We are going to wait for the ocean to be a bit more still to let Lily float in her floaty.

We played on the sand, Lily got to get her hands in it and have her first taste of sand. We let her get sandy enough that she needed a dip!

We took off her romper and her diaper and in she went.

Both Will and I took turns dipping her in and even though she was so tired and sleepy by that point, I think she was so glad to finally be in the ocean. She has been looking at it and playing by it for months now!

Once out of the water and wrapped in a towel, Lily fell asleep. I have never seen her fall asleep that fast.

She slept the whole walk home and a while longer while at home but when she woke up, she was a refreshed and smiling Lily. 🙂

Here we are at the beach yesterday. Lily wears a romper that was a gift from our friend Rikki and hat both by Zutano. Enjoy the photo montage!