Ride Sally, ride!

Lily and I had our first bike ride together yesterday.

We rode to the library and back.

At first I was a bit nervous about putting Lily in the bike seat all by myself but, it all went smoothly and it was so much fun!

It felt great to take Sally (that’s my bike’s name) for a ride. It had been almost a year…

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Lily and I on our way to the library

we took the scenic route


A bike, a bike seat and a helmet

YAY!!!!!! We got Lily a bike seat and a helmet.

After much research, both Will and I decided to get this bike seat and so far, we are so happy with it!

The helmet was actually a little more of a challenge. Most of them are for much bigger kids however, this one, is adjustable in the back so it fits her perfect!

We did a couple of test rides on our street and then Will and Lily went for a long ride.

It will feel so good to ride bikes again. 🙂

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bad ass!