Penguins vs Panthers and PRL

Happy sunday everyone!

If you came here thinking that this is a sports post, I hate to disappoint you but, it’s actually a fashion post.

Last night uncle D stayed with Lily while Will and I went on a hockey date with our dear friends Dave and Tricia.

I think I have mentioned on here before that I am not (I repeat, am not) really a sports fan but, I’m always up for a good time and hanging out with my husband and good friends.

We had really good seats. 2 in the food area where we ate and drank for free and 2 (are you ready?) on the floor right against the glass.

The penguins lost (sorry Dave) but we all ended up having a great time either way and going to a super cute bar in Hollywood called PRL.

You know it’s a good night when it ends with a slice of pizza at 2am.

Here’s what I wore and some fun pics from our night out.

Linking up to Mandy for Steppin’ Out.

scarf- h&m. necklace- jcrew. shirt- zara. tank- theory. jeans- levi’s. satchel- zara. booties- aldo

this is my favorite heel height. any higher and i’m on my face!


An engagement, reptiles and wii

Sunday we went over to Hollywood to celebrate the engagement of our friends Dave and Tricia. (Congrats you guys!!)

We tried swimming in the ocean but after we saw all the jelly fish and after I got lightly stung, we decided it was better to stick with the pool.

After swimming for a while, we headed upstairs where we ate some yummy fajitas cooked by Dave and played bowling on the wii.

And guess who whipped everyone’s butts at bowling and it was her first time ever? Yup, me! 🙂

this guy loved the camera

their amazing view

Lily loves her future aunt Tricia


Car sleeper

When I was little, whenever you would put me in a car, I would fall asleep.

Actually, I still fight hard to not fall asleep whenever I’m in a car.

Something about the motion of the car, the sound, the sun warming your skin… I could fall asleep right now.

Saturday afternoon we went to Hollywood to celebrate uncle Dave’s birthday.

Both Will and I tried to make Lily nap at home because we knew it was going to be somewhat of a late night but of course she didn’t.

Instead, she fell asleep in the car.

Surprisingly enough though, I got her out of the car, carried her through the building, through the back where the party was happening, plopped her on a beach lounger and not only did she not wake up but, she slept for a whole hour.

It’s a good thing she slept because we only left at 10:30pm.