Sick Elmo

Elmo must be sick lately because Lily has been very busy taking good care of him by giving him medicine.

It only makes sense since she has a cold and is teething.

Giving her medicine is not something we do often however, this time around, she got 2 servings of Ibuprofen.

I guess it was enough for her to want to do the same to Elmo.

She’s a good mommy. 😉



All better!

I was exhausted yesterday.

After two awful nights with Lily, I was like a walking zombie. (I really do need my night sleep)

We ended up going to the library in the morning after all.

Lily didn’t have much of a fever and she seemed in good spirits.

Once we got back home, I tried giving her some lunch but she still didn’t have much of an appetite.

I checked her fever and it was back up to almost 101.

Because she was cranky and in pain, I decided to give her some Ibuprofen before putting her down for her nap.

Well, it was the worst nap she ever took!

She woke up 4 times in the first 45 minutes of being asleep.

Then, woke up again twice in the next hour.

Every time she woke up, she was crying and cranky.

I know that when she wakes like that she isn’t ready to be awake yet so I kept on putting her back to sleep.

She finally slept for an hour straight and when she woke up she was her regular chipper self.

She woke up a whole different person.

Whatever was going on, I think she finally fought through during her crazy 3 hour nap.

She had a great lunch after her nap, we went to the park, she had a great dinner (YAY! her appetite is back), she went to sleep at her regular time and slept until 6am this morning.

Looks like she is all better. 🙂

Lily and I on our way to the library

Crazy mom alert!!

Yup, that was me at Lily’s pediatrician’s office yesterday.

Let me tell you why and try to justify it.

Yesterday was the second day in a row that Lily had been having fever. For the past 2 days, her fever had been up and down from 100.7 to 102.7! (FYI, while most moms are made to think that 102.7 is a high fever, to most doctors it is only considered a medium fever.)

When her fever reached that high of 102.7 and Will looked at me and said: “Let’s go see Dr. Salinas.”, I knew things were serious. (I’m always the one who wants to go see Dr. Salinas.)

I called the office and of course I forgot that the whole office closes for a lunch hour. (how stupid of me) Have you ever heard of such a thing?

So, I emailed Dr. Salinas letting her know that Lily had a high fever and that we were on our way to see her.

Once we got there, and entered through this door,


Stuffy Lily

Lily has the worst runny and stuffy nose right now. (not sure if it’s because she is teething or if she caught a light cold)

The last 2 nights and days have been really hard and challenging.

I feel so bad for her (and us). Every time she falls asleep, she wakes shortly after because she can’t breath due to all the mucus.

It’s horrible!

Last night she woke up a bunch of times and was running a fever so, we finally gave her some infant Ibuprofen.

It helped. She finally got some much needed sleep.

All she wants is to be held and to breast feed.

Hopefully she will get better soon.

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!! (and if you can, please keep on voting. thank you! ;))


a not feeling-so-good Lily

lounging on the bed. i love it when she kisses my forehead

an early evening walk just to give her some fresh air


Yesterday after returning from the pediatrician, Lily spent her day as normal.

She ate her lunch,  had her nap and played.

Everything was ok until 6:30p.m. when she started getting very fussy, whiny and showing signs of being very uncomfortable. She wasn’t being her regular happy self. 🙁

Slowly, she started getting worst, completely out of it and her head began to feel extremely hot.

Will and I took her temperature. It was 99.9.  Her normal is usually around 98. She had a fever.

We held her and just tried to comfort her. It was breaking my heart not knowing what exactly was bothering her and not knowing what exactly to do for her. Our little Lily was NOT feeling good!

We took her temperature again. 100.3!

Both Will and I decided to call avo Hayes and ask what should be done. She suggested giving Lily some infant Ibuprofen. We happened to have some and because grandmas know best (they really do), we gave some to Lily.

I was hesitant to give her any medicine because I never take any myself but, Lily was obviously in need of some so, I gave in.

Within 30 minutes her temperature had gone down and she was smiling again. YAY! 🙂

I breast fed her like always before bed and Lily fell asleep for the night.

She woke up at 2:30a.m. still a little fussy but some holding and some more breast feeding, put her right back to sleep.

This morning she woke up pretty much her normal self and is now taking her morning nap as usual.

The lesson learned: 3 shots at once WAS too much for Lily to handle.

The good advice we got: if we ever plan on giving her 3 shots at once again(which I don’t think we will), the best thing to do is to give her some infant Motrin or Ibuprofen 1 hour before her doctor appointment.

Here is a picture of Lily yesterday lounging on the swing chairs at the Standard Hotel yesterday still feeling good. Lily wears a tunic by Old Navy and pants by babyGap.