ice cream

The laziest of saturdays

Memorial Day weekend here in Miami Beach is a bit crazy.

It’s a weekend where people from all over come and take over the beach and the locals either leave town or don’t leave home.

So, with Will a bit hungover yesterday and with the beach invaded by out of towners, we ended up having the laziest of saturdays.

We stayed home, had pancakes for breakfast, watched movies, played, went swimming in our pool, napped…. with the exception of walking to our local bodega for some ice cream, we really didn’t leave the house.

It was great!

How is your weekend going?


Afternoon treat

It’s getting HOT fast here in Miami.

April is usually one of my favorite months but, this year it seems hotter than usual.

Lily and I have been spending a lot of time on our balcony in the afternoons. (I’m so thankful that it’s shaded after 12 noon)

On tuesday I decided to kick off the hot season with some mango ice cream (store bought), raspberries and blueberries.

Lily didn’t complain. 😉



Feeling better Lily

Lily and I just took it easy yesterday.

In the morning, instead of going to the park, we stayed home, watched YoGabbaGabba, read books and played with her toys.

She didn’t have much of an appetite all day.

I hate seeing her not eat.

The only thing she wanted was grapes.

Even though her temperature was back to normal (I took it every hour), she was still not 100%.

Later in the afternoon, again instead of going to the park, we went for a bike ride because I wanted her to get some fresh air.

I treated her to some vanilla ice cream.

I wanted her to eat something other than grapes!

She had some oatmeal for dinner and went to bed at her regular time.

She woke up several times during the night and her temperature was almost 100 again this morning.

We will see what today brings.

Maybe no library. 🙁

in the morning watching yogabbagabba


One year ago today

One year ago today I was full on pregnant!!

Lily was 4 days late.

My mom had been in Miami visiting from Portugal for 2 weeks so she could help me and be there for the birth.

Will’s parents, Hayes and John were also in town for a week.

Everyone was anxious and the energy in the air was electric.

I decided in order to keep things light, to take my mom and Hayes on a South Beach hotel tour.

We walked for hours and hours in Miami 90 degree record heat.

Once I got home, I took a nap and felt light cramping.

That evening we all decided to take the night off.

We had all been together non stop since everyone got there.

My mom was at the apartment she rented for the month.

Will was visiting John and Hayes at their hotel.

At home I ate a bowl of cereal and walked to the corner store for some Ben&Jerry’s ice cream.

On the way home as I rubbed my belly, I talked to Lily.

I told her what a beautiful night it was out and how anxious I was to see and meet her.

At 9:30pm as I attempted to serve myself a bowl of ice cream, my water broke.

Lily was later born at 2:37am.

It was a wonderful day that led to the most wonderful, memorable and life changing evening. 🙂

P.S.- Lily will be 1 tomorrow and I’m sort of freaking out about it!

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my mom and I at the National Hotel

anxious future avos at the Delano Hotel

Ice cream!!!

Tio Ricky gave Lily the rest of his ice cream yesterday.

I have given Lily ice cream a few times before and she never really took to it.

Maybe it was the fact that tio Ricky gave it to her or the fact that she got to hold it by herself (she’s lil miss independent these days) but, she seemed to have really enjoyed it. 🙂

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Sunday A La Folie

On sunday we went to one of my favorite places here in South Beach.

A La Folie is a little french bistro/creperie on one of the cutest streets here on the beach.

We had not been in over a year (don’t know why) but, it was great to have rediscovered it all over again.

I had my usual, the Belle Hellene crepe. It’s filled with caramelized pears, dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream on the side.

It was delicious!!!! (even Lily thought so 😉 )

A La Folie


A visit to Cass

We went to Cass for an ice cream run the other day. (I had to have it!)

It was the many of firsts for Lily.

First time in Cass.

First time seeing a train.

First time on a train. (even though it didn’t go anywhere)

First time eating ice cream. (thank you Dawn 🙂 ! unlike me, Lily only had a few bites and didn’t finish it!)

First time throwing rocks into the river. (we got giggles!)

Oh, the simple pleasures…

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