RIP Indigo

We just got Indigo back from uncle Darren a few days ago and he passed away this morning. (sad)

I’m not good with death.

It’s definitely one of the reasons I have never been a pet owner and a big concern of mine about being a parent.

I know death is part of life but, when I thought of being a parent I always thought about how one day I will die and how unfair that would be to my child/children. I can’t help that my crazy head goes there.

Anyway, Indigo has passed away and now I’m left with trying to explain death to Lily and with bad-pet-ownership guilt.

RIP Indigo. You will be missed.


Do any of you have fish?

Something really weird happens to Indigo’s water.

I clean his bowl once a week like I was advised to by the pet shop clerk.

A couple of days after I clean it, it starts getting all murky on top.

BUT, the weird thing is that usually after 2 days of it being murky, it clears itself out and then only a collection of bubbles are left on top of the water.

Is this normal and what is it?


The laziest of saturdays

Memorial Day weekend here in Miami Beach is a bit crazy.

It’s a weekend where people from all over come and take over the beach and the locals either leave town or don’t leave home.

So, with Will a bit hungover yesterday and with the beach invaded by out of towners, we ended up having the laziest of saturdays.

We stayed home, had pancakes for breakfast, watched movies, played, went swimming in our pool, napped…. with the exception of walking to our local bodega for some ice cream, we really didn’t leave the house.

It was great!

How is your weekend going?