Mommy Style Update

I’m a jeans girl.

Jeans and dresses really.

I like skirts (I have 2 to be exact) but, whenever I go to put them on, I always just put on a dress or pants/jeans instead.

I have stayed true to my jeans through all these years.

Going out with my girls who I used to work with, means “look your best”.

We all worked retail, we all have our own personal style and when it comes to dressing, my girls are NO joke!

Everything I wore out last night with the exception of the vest (1 year old), I have owned for many years.

Doesn’t it feel great when you can pull something together from things in your closet that you have had for years (and years and years)?

vest- UO (on sale for $9.99!)



Mommy Style Update

Lily and I went to Ross yesterday.

I was hoping I would find some cute sandals for her since the other ones I got are still a bit big but, instead I walked out with 3 more Eric Carle books.

I looked in my closet and saw one of my Zara tops from last year that when I purchased it, I purchased it with the intentions of it being a “nicer” top.

Well, my social life is close to none these days (sad but true) and life is too short.

So, I wore it casually. 🙂

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headband- CVS



Mommy Style Update

Happy saturday everyone!

Yesterday was a nice cool day here in Miami, we were having a “cold” front.

Lily and I met up with Claudia and Sofia at Fritz’s bike shop so we could get Claudia all set up with a bike and a child seat.

It didn’t turn out so well.

The child seat didn’t suit the bike she had purchased and Sofia fell off the bike and hit her forehead on the cement floor. 🙁

Thankfully she is ok, she is a strong little one.

Today we are going 2 hours north to visit our good friends who have come from L.A. to see family and baptize their little Sisto. (what to wear?????)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!

scarf- Zara



Mommy Style Update

I’m trying to get back into fashion because I have missed it. (don’t worry, it is still a baby blog and there will still be a lot of Lily pictures)

I’m trying to actually get “dressed” every day like I used to before Lily was born.

I feel like I have become quite lazy about dressing and taking care of myself so, I figured this will at least make me motivated.

It might not be a daily post, or it might , either way, here’s the debut of MOMMY STYLE UPDATE.

Today: The classic white shirt.

Everyone has done it.

Mine is actually a pajama top that was hanging in my closet so I thought “why not?”.

Lily and I went to the library, to lunch and to the post office and this is what we wore:



The jean gang

Yesterday we went to Siena’s first birthday party.

Siena is part of the park gang.

After Sofia turns 1 in December, they will all be 1.

I can’t believe it.

Just not too long ago they were babies!

Anyway, we had a great time at the party and I thought it was so cute that Lily, Sofia and Dylan all showed up in jeans!! 🙂

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Fall fashion. Day 4


How about that?

You get no stripes and no jeans/leggings from me today.

The temperature dropped a bit this morning so it was nice putting on warmer clothes.

You are getting a profile shot from me (it’s better than frontal anyway) because Lily slept horribly last night (she’s sick). Which meant that I slept horribly last night and have a tired face once again. (I don’t know about you winning Allie)

What I’m wearing: Knitted hat by Gap, Earrings (same as yesterday) are vintage, Long sweater cardigan by Zara, Dress/tunic by French Connection (it’s probably 6 years old but I still always wear it and love it), Tights (my faves, I love how they are cable knit and have colored specks) by Steve Madden and…. Booties by French Connection (yes, it’s the 4th day in a row that I’m wearing them. I might wear them the whole week! 😉 )

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Fall fashion. Day 3

Stripes anyone????

Sorry, stripes 2 days in row. I guess I’m liking stripes a lot this season also. Both for me and for Lily. 😉

To change the scenery a bit (sorry, no terrace pics yet this morning), I took these in the bedroom as we got ready.

What I’m wearing: Striped sweater by Scoop NYC, Layering tank underneath by Gapbody, The Kiss Jeans by AG, Knitted cap by Urban Outfitters, Earrings are vintage, and Booties (yes, again!) by French Connection.

What Lily is wearing: Striped shirt by Old Navy, Denim overalls by babyGap, Socks by Old Navy, Shoes/Booties by Pablosky Kids.


Fall fashion. Day 1


Fall is here and so is fall fashion!!

Joining Emery at moms are for everyone! in her week of fashion.

Starting off with some easy/relaxed style.

Cardigan by Scoop NYC, Tank by Forever 21 (or Forever 31 as I like to call it 😉 ), Jeans by DL 1961, Booties by French Connection.

I promise these fashion posts will get better as the week goes on. (I mean, did I even shower today? oh yeah, I did. but I didn’t wash my hair…)

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please excuse my tired face today


My mother is a lady

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my mother.

Actually, I have been thinking a lot about the way I used to look at my mother when I was little.

The way Lily looks at me while I’m getting dressed has reminded me of the way I used to watch my mother get dressed.

I used to love watching her. (and still do actually)

My mother was (and still is) a lady.

To me, she embodied the essence of everything I thought a lady should be.

The way she carefully chose her lingerie, the panties always matching the bra.

Skirts and dresses always favored to pants. (never jeans when I was little)

Her shoes and purse matching most of the time.

The way she applied her make-up. A dark green line on her top eye lid carefully drawn with liquid eye liner, a bit of blush and lipstick.

The finishing touches was my favorite part.

Perfume and jewelry. My mother to this day still has an amazing collection of both.

Depending on her mood she would choose a perfume from the many beautiful bottles she had on her vanity and carefully dab it behind her ears and on her wrists.

The same was done with the jewelry, she would take her time choosing her earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

As a young child, I learned about the art of dressing from my mother.

Although my style is much different from my mother’s, I wear jeans often, my lingerie never matches, I hardly ever wear perfume, my shoes never match my purse, the art of dressing is something that I do practice on a daily basis.

So as Lily watches me get dressed and as we step out the door, I hope she looks at me the way I used to (and still do) look at my mother and thinks to herself “my mother is a lady”.

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me getting ready

our check out point. the full length mirror in our lobby