i have realized that it’s ok if Lily doesn’t go to the park e-ve-ry day

and it’s ok if she doesn’t play with other kids e-ve-ry day

and it’s ok if she watches sesame street some mornings

and it’s ok for her to play in her room by herself

so i can do things like paint and make jewelry

because it’s not ALL about Lily

it’s about me too

and she has to fit in my life like i have fit in hers

Very girlie indeed

Lily is becoming quite the little girl.

She loves jewelry.

She likes picking out her own shoes. (I would like to say she gets this only from me but, you should see Will’s shoe collection)

She likes bags. (ok, she gets this from me 😉 )

Lately, whenever she and I are headed out and she sees me grab my bag, she grabs a bag.

Here she is as she walked around our neighborhood yesterday.

I like to call it LILY AND THE CITY.

what? you didn’t know that 2 bags is the new trend?