Mamas & their babies

Where can I start with Julia?

Let’s start with the fact that we were best friends in high school. (even though we went to rival schools)

We met in sophomore year and we became inseparable.

We would have sleep overs at her house, her parents were my parents, my parents were hers, we wore each others clothes, we watched each other fall in and out of love, have many hair colors and hair styles, had crushes on our college Art teacher and stared at his butt, you know… we did everything best girl friends do.

Then a falling out happened.

It happens….

Then, last year through a friend’s profile on Facebook, I saw a smile I would never not recognize.

Julia!! (she had gotten married so she had a different last name)

I was nervous, do I send her a message?

Do I not?

So many years (over a decade) had passed….

I wrote her.

Only to have the warmest reply and find out that she too had been broken hearted all these years and wondered what I was up to as much as I did her.

Julia is happily married, has 2 super cute boys and has been living in Oregon for quite some time. (she’s a crafty mom too. check out her handmade goodies here)

She looks the same as the last time I saw her and I cannot wait to see her soon. (a reunion is in the works)




Holiday season is here and what better way to start it off but with a giveaway!!

This giveaway is extra sweet to me because it’s with my dear old friend Julia.

Julia has a children’s line called Escher&Co.

She makes super cute hairclips, cuffs, skirts and aprons. (you should really go check out her craftiness)

As a special holiday treat, Julia is donating one of her awesome cuffs. (aren’t you all lucky?)

Now, there are some rules to enter the giveaway.

Rule 1- You MUST be a “follower”

Rule 2- Please leave a comment on this post

Rule 3- Please VOTE for us

Lily will draw a winner on friday.

Good luck and happy monday!! 🙂